6 Beautiful and Affordable engagements gifts ideas for couples

gifts ideas for couples

1.Family Coats Personalized Frame

This beautiful personalized frame is suitable for couples. The interesting part of this frame is you can put the names, ages of your children’s and hang it beautifully on the walls.

The frame coat comes in variable sizes depends on you accordingly and it is 25 cm long, 25 cm width with 5 cm thickness.

Made from high quality of material it is very strong and will sustain for longer time.

You can also put it on your desk as a reminder of your family members.

You can get this at best prices with beautiful packaging and matching gift card to write anything for you. Do check with prices at online store.

2.Personalised Engaged Ornament

This wonderful ceramic ornament made from pure quality of gold which is 2.85 inches tall and 2.85 inches breadth.

This ceramic ornament is one of the perfect engagement gift ideas.

In addition, this ornament has gold ribbon loop used for hanging it on walls as well as for gift pouch.

This also comes in two variations one is only ornament and another is ornament as well as gift box. 

3.Tropical Round hanging Planter

This hanging planter is new arrival from tropical collection. You can hang it anywhere you want in your home.

Talking about its preparation, this indoor planter has been made from earthenware clay and then decorated by hand-painting using sgraffito technique.

These planters come in different shapes and sizes along with different designs. It is 10 cm tall with 13 cm breadth.

You can have original plantation in this planter instead of show-off fake plants.

Its hanging threads are light but highly resistive and strong which does not breaks easily.

It comes with various offers and discounts so make sure to check prices before buying.

4.Decorative Floral Table Cloth

This handmade nice wooden table is one of the perfect engagement gift items for couples. This is made pure cotton material it will lasts for long time without any wear and tear.

In addition to this, its design has been printed without any chemicals and is very safe to use and wash and its size is 48 cm x 1406 cm.

One can use this on any special occasions and if you are worrying about washing it then it is recommended to gently wash it with normal soap. Do not worry about color. This piece of cloth will not lose it color while washing.

5.Noblesse Classic S

This is one of the romantic engagement gifts suitable for wedding and engagements. This flower collection consists of 

The flowers are preserved with an special arrangement in order to make it look natural for more than a year with lesser need for maintenance.

Another interesting thing about this is these roses are available in different colors such as red, peach, lilac, pink, mint green, baby blue and burgundy. You can choose as per your wish. Even you can combine different colors of roses.

In addition, this box consists of 4 rose flowers with box dimension of 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm, ribbon made from silk material handle and one floral card with use care instructions.

These flowers are 100 percent natural and you can replace them with other one. One vital point to remember here is as these flowers are natural so you are required to keep it in an environment having out of direct sunlight, excessive heat as well as moisture.

6.Initial Letter / Sign language necklace

This 18 inch silver plated chain can be the most memorable and thoughtful engagements gifts for any couple and it shows the affection and bonding between the two. One can have the first alphabet of their partner name in this necklace and can wear them for having romantic and memorable moments between them.

As being made from high quality, lightweight aluminium which is hypoallergenic is nature, it is safe to wear on neck and prevents from any kind of irritation and infections to skin.

Unlike other metals, it would get deleted due to rust. You can now imagine how cute this gift is. As these items are handmade and this is why these are safe to wear.

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