Best budget friendly TV sets!

budget friendly tv

With so many options available in the market, choosing the perfect television set could be quite a hassle. Your decision might be usually based on a number of factors especially the budget range which you can allocate towards that TV set. Environment also depends as you might require a larger screen in a common area as compared to a TV required for individual living rooms.

With the year 2018 in full bloom, let us list down some of the best television sets which offer great features as well as going easy on your pocket.

TCL S305 series – Dependable and affordable

TCL (The Creative Life) has recently emerged as a strong competitor to major electronic manufacturing companies based on their quality and affordable offerings. This Chinese manufacturer has been continuously improving their product line especially TV sets and offers a wide range of offerings for the buyers to choose from. The 32 inch S305 TV set offered by TCL delivers an amazing feature studded package all under the price cap of 200$. You get to enjoy HD video capability with a 60Hz refresh rate which is more than capable for your daily needs. They also have the Roku streaming platform inside the box which lets you enjoy various streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Now and many others.

This model is available in various sizes based on the customer need with minimal price changes so be sure to check it out from your nearest market especially if you are looking for something which is practical yet affordable.

Philips 24PFS5231 – Stylish and loud

The 24 inch size on this TV might raise an eyebrow among people as a larger size is one of the major attributes while looking for a new TV. Well what this TV lacks in size, it delivers in the Full HD audio quality and the immersive sound emittedby its Bluetooth speaker. Oh and this TV set is designed to be portable as well so you can carry it around with you with added ease. The company designed this device to offer simplicity yet functionality supported by cool aesthetics and an awesome sound. It might not support a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection, but the picture and sound quality offered more than justify the price tag of around 220$.

If you are expecting some fancy HDR features or a 4k resolution from your TV set then this isn’t the one for you. But if you want to place a TV in a small cozy place, which doesn’t just look good, but sounds good as well then you surely need to consider this one.

Hisense 49H6E – Affordable 4K

We normally think that enjoying 4K resolution under a budget of 300$ is not possible, right? Well this installation from Hisense changes that perception entirely. H6E is a stunning 4K resolution model offered by Hisense and it is designed to deliver pure entertainment to the audience. The company is relatively low key as compared to the giants such as Samsung or Sony which is precisely why they have priced their products accordingly. You get to enjoy a wide variety of pre-installed apps in this model including exclusive applications from Hisense itself to improve or alter your viewing experience. 120 Hz frame rate in this device comfortably supports the most intense sports scenes even if you prefer watching them in 4K.

The sound on this device is complimented by dbx-which is an award winning audio technology and quite satisfying to fulfill your routine viewing requirements. Don’t expect too much from the UI on the TV itself though in comparison to Samsung or LG because that could be a minor disappointment, but nevertheless it’s still quite capable. If getting an affordable 4K TV is your thing, then this TV set should be on the top of your list.

Sony KDL48W650D – Great UI and functionality

We all know Sony to be a high end provider for a wide variety of gadget segments including televisions. A number of instances the GUI installed in TV sets are not up to par or buggy for instance. But that has never been the case with Sony, KDLW650D is especially designed to give the best of functionality and utility to the consumers. With a 1080 Full HD display, and a 60 Hz refresh rate, the screen itself is more than capable of providing all your daily needs. The smart features include Miracast functionality which lets various devices mirror their displays to your TV set seamlessly. The smart TV interface offered is among the best ones available in the market and couple this amazing usability with the reliable cable deals and you will truly get some amazing results. This 48 inch beauty from Sony is relatively priced higher which is a given considering the market positioning Sony has but if you are willing to pay the premium, it is well worth it. You can get one in a price tag of 450$.

These are some of the best TV sets offered by different companies to suit your needs in the year 2018. There are many other options available in the market as well and the real decision is based on the consumer preference. If your desired TV is not in this list, then do check out other options available from these brands and we are quite confident that you’ll be able to make a decision sooner than you think!

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