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Shopping for new beauty product online seems a bit overwhelming even for the most confident among us. Will, that contour kit really give you the desired cheekbones like Bella Hadid? Or Does that eye cream actually has the powers to send those bags packing? After hours spent scrolling for “the one”, there’s always a bit of fear that the beauty product just won’t live up the expectations. Sometimes, after hours of scrolling, we even forget what we were here for.

Well, I have brought you a list of amazing beauty products from exciting and innovative beauty launches this year. You will never that that niggling fear or doubts about buying any of these online.

The Best Beauty Products Launched

Below you’ll discover smarter than ever skincare products and so much more from our favourite brands. This list of products that are launching is seriously impressive. So, start saving, get scrolling and mark your calendars for all these brand new beauty products that are about to hit the stores.

Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum

Vitamin C may not be the newest member of skincare ingredients, but it remains one of the most popular ingredients year after year. Building on the success of their Violet-C Radiance Mask, this new and oil and fragrance-free serum is all set to hit the first position in our list.

It packs an amazing concentration of 20% Vitamin C to deliver both instant and long-lasting results. A 10% concentration of AHAs joins the mix too. All the ingredients work together to leave your skin firmer, smoother and noticeably glow-y.

Maybelline New York’s Snapscara

Maybelline knows a thing or two about mascara and their newest launch- the snapscara formula is one of their best yet. After using an eyelash serum for growth, this thin flexible pigment tints your lashes and leaves them looking super sexy with some thickness. 

This is kind of the superb version of the Glossier Lash Slick because the arched wand gives lashes a winged cat-eye effect as you apply it through. Perhaps the most exciting thing about this mascara is its wax-free formula which washes off completely and easily with just warm water.

Paintbox Nail Lacquer

5 years after opening its SoHo studio in N.Y.C., the manicure salon Paintbox is back in town! It is launching its own line of highly shining polishes. These cruelty-free polish pairings are called Power Couples. They were made to be “approachable, artful and experimental” colour combos, said by the former beauty editor and Paintbox chief creative officer Eleanor Langston. 

These long-wear colours give a patent-like finish and provide saturated coverage in just two swipes. If the duo is not for you, then lacquers can also be purchased as single shades.  

Beauty Kubes Shampoo Bars

There is nothing like the standard solid shampoo bars that sit in the corner of your shower gathering slime. These Beauty Kube bars come in individual cubes (27 in one box), each one is mixed with water to make a lather. Not only they smell divine and clean hair properly, but they also reduce your consumption of plastic bottles.

Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum

Those looking to lift their retinoid routine will definitely appreciate this serum as it contains 6.5% blends of retinoid-like botanicals for smoother, cleaner skin. And those botanicals namely bisabolol, ginger, Hawaiian white honey and prickly pear cactus deliver the benefits of anti-wrinkle.

They also help reduce the appearance of flaking, redness and other side-effects that can often accompany such a potent retinoid. It doesn’t even irritate our super sensitive skin. The serum is a miracle for anti-ageing remedy.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Liquid Foundation

We highly doubted anything could compete the Hourglass Seamless Finish Foundation Stick, but then this newest kid came around. Not only it does strike the unicorn-like balance of being totally light in texture, it also features innovative coated pigments that deliver full coverage with just half a pump of the product. Couple that with water-proof, a smudge-proof and extensive range of 32 shades and you’ve got yourself ready to rock the floor.

Wrapping Up…

There are so many amazing beauty products out there, some of which are curated above. So, no more worrying about which products to buy, right? You will get all of these products online and will get the desired satisfaction. 

Some of the above can be followed as your daily skincare regime. These innovative, customizable and tech-forward hair, skin and make-up products will rock your skincare regimen and revolutionize your routine.   

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