Benefits Of Integrating Instagram Feed With Your Website Design

integrating instagram feed

The website design plays an important role in adhering the potential customers to the insights of your product and services. Adding some intriguing and interesting content from Instagram will make your website stand apart from your competitors. Instagram is a very popular and leading social media platform. It has over a billion active users who create and consume content daily through posts, stories, and Reels. The platform’s impact and influence can be an added advantage to marketers and advertisers in utilizing the platform for marketing sprees. 

Yet another upcoming marketing strategy is to embed Instagram feed onto the website. The embedded social feeds act as social proof and help the website’s reach increase by many folds. Embedding and integrating Instagram feed with your website designs can seamlessly be delegated to social media aggregator tools. These tools enable users to easily collect, curate, and embed desired content from different and prominent social media platforms. With little to no coding knowledge, the users can embed easily using the tools. Some prominent aggregators are Tagembed, Hootsuite, Embed Social, etc. 

Let us take a sneak peek into the advantages of adding an Instagram feed to your website.

The Advantages of Integrating Instagram feed on your website:-

Integrating and incorporating an Instagram feed with your website has multiple advantages and benefits. Some of the best ones are mentioned below for the readers to use the platform at its full potential.

1. Adds to the look of your website:

Integrating colorful and vibrant Instagram feeds onto the website adds to its look and feel and helps enhance it further. If the website is aesthetically pleasing, it tends to hold the visitor’s attention for longer. It will help to reduce the bounce rate of your webpage drastically. The content on Instagram is vivid in stories and videos, which intrigues the viewer and hooks them to the website.

2. Leverages the social influence:

As a social media platform, Instagram caters to many users and thus influences and impacts millions of people simultaneously and quickly. The website can leverage its social influence onto the website. The followers on the brand’s Instagram page can be easily lured to flow as desired traffic on the brand’s website. It can be called leveraging social media influence. The brand can put up links in the bio, caption, and stories that redirect the consumers on the platform onto the brand’s website, and the conversion rates eventually sore as high. 

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3. Displays UGC:

UGC stands for user-generated content. It can be in the form of pictures, videos, reviews, blogs, etc. Thus when you embed Instagram feed on your website, it helps the generation of user-generated content. It boosts and enhances the brand image and reasserts its presence online. Website developers can incorporate customer reviews and paid posts from their Instagram handle on their website to add authenticity and genuineness. 

4. Boosts reach:

The page’s reach is enhanced when you showcase exciting and interesting Instagram feeds on your website. Your website traffic is likely to be higher, and the content will be able to cater to a larger audience. In addition, your page will have a higher virtual footfall as the followers on the Instagram handle will be intrigued and redirected to your website.

5. Increases visitor engagement: 

Advertisers are advised to review and reflect upon the engagement quotient and see through the engagement rate of their webpage. Engagement rate in layman’s language can be interpreted as the rate at which the audiences see, hold, react and interact with the content presented on the website. Advertisers can significantly see the high engagement rates due to embedding content from Instagram. The website visitors get curious through the published Instagram feeds and regularly visit the page.

6. Enhances the browsing experience:

Adding interesting feeds also enhances the browsing experience of website visitors. Interesting and good-looking webpages attract people’s attention, and they want to explore more about the product and the website. Instagram’s content is vivid, lively, and engaging simultaneously, creating a perfect combination of a good browsing experience for website visitors.


Instagram is a very popular social media platform, and embedding Instagram widget on your website will be a smart and strategic marketing move. It will enhance the look and feel of the page and moderate its bounce rates. Thus abovementioned are some other important benefits the readers should take advantage of. We hope the readers get their desired information and useful insights to help them use the social media platform to its full potential.