AWS Training in Jaipur

A few days back, the companies had to maintain their server to run applications. It was a tiring and long-process job. However, the invention of cloud computing has made it easier to maintain the server and run applications. In the field of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has achieved great heights. It has a lot of potential in the upcoming times. It is why our institution introduced the AWS Training in Jaipur.

We want our students to walk hand-in-hand with this entire world. That’s why our course is beneficial for the students and candidates to secure a high-paying job in a top IT company.

What is the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification exam?

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate is an exam conducted by Amazon. The duration of this exam is 130 minutes, and the number of questions ranges from 60 – 70. The question pattern of this exam is multiple-choice questions (MCQs) or multiple answer types. This exam is available in four languages, i.e., Japanese, English, Korean and Simplified Chinese.

There are no eligibility criteria for this exam. The candidates need to score 70 – 75 percent marks to receive the certification of AWS Solutions Architect. However, this certification is valid for only three years. After this, the candidates need to take the certification exam again.

aws training in jaipur

Course briefing: The details of the AWS Solutions Architect course in Jaipur available at AP2V Institution:

As the technology is getting more modern, the concepts behind them are becoming complex too. It is why our AWS certified solutions architect training in the Jaipur course ensures that students systematically learn these new concepts.

Our course module focuses on first building a base of concepts and later teaching advanced topics to students. Our course module is written in an easy language. The candidates will be able to understand the ideas on their own without getting help from the teachers.

Here is the list of things our students will learn at AWS solution architect training in Jaipur:

Our enrolled students will get detailed knowledge about the IAM users and IAM groups. They will also get knowledge of IAM best practices at our AP2V institution.

The registered candidates will learn the fundamentals of simple storage service (S3) and static website hosting.

The students will learn the techniques of encryption and cross-region replication on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

The candidates of the AP2V institution will be introduced to the concepts of NAT Gateway, NAT Instance, AWS virtual private network, redshift, and DynamoDB streams at the AWS solutions architect course.

Here are the reasons why you should only choose AP2V for AWS Solutions Architect – Associate training and certification:

In this fast-moving world, no one has got adequate time. Everyone is busy learning a single skill or occupied in work or college.

But AWS solution architect training online offered by the AP2V institution online has made it possible to learn a new skill in the vicinity of your place. To connect to our online course, the candidates need a good internet connection and a desire to learn.


1. Is the course provided by AP2V Institution affordable?

Yes. Our course price is set to a minimum to allow every student an equal opportunity to learn a new skill and excel in the field of cloud computing.

2. What is the course duration of the online course for AWS solutions architect – associate course?

The course duration for the online AWS solutions architect – the associate course is 36 hours. The students will get high-quality video lectures along with several other resources on our AWS solutions architect online training.

3. Can an instalment payment be made?

We also accept the course fees in three installments. So, if you cannot submit the whole amount at a time, you can submit it in installments.

4. Are online classes available?

Yes, AP2V excels at offering online classes to the students.

5. What is the course duration? The AWS solutions architect online training generally lasts for 1.5 month