Artifacts of Imagination: Creating a Literary Collection for Future Generations

artifacts of imagination


The Museum of the Future (MOTF), one of Dubai’s most iconic buildings, stands proudly along the city’s freeway, Sheikh Zayed Road. The museum, founded by the Dubai Future Foundation and set to open on February 22, 2022, analyzes how society can evolve in the following decades via the application of science and technology.

It’s called a ‘living museum’ because it combines elements of traditional exhibitions, immersive theater, and themed attractions, allowing visitors to look beyond the present and into the limitless possibilities of the future. It also serves as the city’s headquarters for the ‘Great Arab Minds’ program, which aspires to discover 1,000 exceptional Arab talents across different sectors, advancing a global intellectual movement.

The Museum of the Future Dubai, whose soaring, arching Arabic calligraphy-engraved stainless steel presence sits in the heart of Dubai’s business district, focuses on harnessing the lessons of today to build the future, inviting viewers to participate in doing so through a highly inclusive approach.

By utilizing a variety of virtual and augmented reality, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction installations and displays, the museum takes visitors on a journey into the future through the framework of five chapters, implying the idea of an unfolding global narrative.

What to expect

The significant development will contribute to a better humanity and a stronger global economy by showcasing how next-generation solutions encompassing anything from artificial intelligence to augmented reality will improve our lives in 50 years. The main museum experience is divided into five sections:

OSS Hope: live life on a space station 600 kilometers above the Earth.

The Heal Institute provides an augmented and virtual reality picture of Dubai and the world in 2071.

Al Waha: “The Oasis” provides relaxing activities as well as a Sensory Room.

Tomorrow Today: Discover futuristic technology that are already in use today.

Future Heroes is an interactive play environment that uses missions and activities to motivate children.

Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with this game-changing technology. Each floor of the museum is planned to look like a large, interactive movie set, with experienced storytellers, technicians, and imaginative artists bringing it to life. The future of space travel and life, climate change and ecology, health, wellbeing, and spirituality are among the topics under consideration. Aside from groundbreaking breakthroughs, there will be unique workshops and speeches by some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers.

Children aged three to ten can enjoy an open-world experience in the Future Heroes environment, a dedicated space created to help young people to reach their full potential. Guests should also visit the viewing deck on level two, which is tucked within the museum’s ‘void’ and offers an up-close glimpse of the facade’s smooth inner shell, as well as panoramic views of Dubai’s fast-paced metropolitan center.

Museum of the Future tickets

Museum of the Future Dubai tickets are for timed entrance, so you must select a time slot when ordering. Arrive at the museum 15-30 minutes before your time slot to pick up your tickets; if you arrive late, you will be unable to enter. There are also special priority Museum of the Future tickets available, which allow entrance at any time throughout its operating hours – details may be found on the official website.

How to reach to the Museum of the Future

The Red Line of the Dubai Metro has a station close to the museum. Take the Red Line to the Emirates Towers stop, which is connected to the attraction by a footbridge. It is simple to travel to the museum from Dubai International Airport (DXB): simply go to Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 Metro stations and take the Red Line bound for EXPO Metro Station.

Bus: Routes 27, 29, and X22 all stop at Emirates Towers. The shortest route to the museum from a popular neighbourhood like City Walk is to take bus lines 28 to Dubai Mall, then 29 to your final destination. The attraction is about a 5-minute walk from here.

Greener Future

It was decided from the start that the Museum of the Future would strive for a LEED Platinum rating. The structure will be outfitted with innovative building management technologies, greywater recycling systems, and regenerative drive lifts, while its power requirements will be covered by offsite photovoltaic solar arrays. Visitors will be able to charge their electric vehicles while exploring the museum, and parking places will be limited in order to encourage the use of public transportation.

The shows at the museum will also emphasize sustainability. Climate change, outer space, and the future of healthcare and wellness will all have their own floors. The exhibit will discuss the impact of global warming on important ecosystems and ways to repair them. It will consider how solar energy gathering in space and asteroid mining could be used for the benefit of humanity, as well as spirituality.


An actual space shuttle take-off simulation, applying for a job in an outer space expedition, visiting a laboratory that corrects the aftereffects of climate change, and trying a scanner that delivers a 360° health check-up are among the experiences that rocket visitors into the future.

Inside, guests start on a trip through five distinct chapters, one for each floor of the striking torus-shaped architecture, to discover what the next era’s trends and main priorities will be. If ever you get a chance to visit the Museum of the Future, be prepared for a visual treat.