Benefits of AR and VR Technologies in Mobile App Development for Businesses

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Mobile apps are the most used and most personal devices in the 21st century. This is also the reason mobile app development technologies are evolving steadily. As the technologies evolve, any app development company and its development teams need to carry on with the latest market trends to make their apps more interactive and reliable. Talking about the trends, let me introduce one of the most fascinating trends in mobile app development gaining fame is – augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Both AR and VR technologies are full possibilities to completely modify the way individuals engage with our mobile devices and apps. Moreover, we can expect these technologies to act as an incredibly positive influence on the future of mobile app development.  

And, to my surprise, the commercial world or we can say businesses are also now part of this race to deploy AR/VR in their mobile app development and catch the eye. With the current cutthroat competition in the market, businesses today are required to follow innovative trends to support their tactics and boost operations. Hence, different businesses from different industrial sectors are adopting AR VR worldwide to thrive and stand on top. So, as per PR Newswire, we can expect the Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) Market to value around USD 454.73 Billion by 2030. I guess, now you can imagine how fascinating they are. So, peeking behind the doors, AR and VR are also capable of delivering greater ROIs (return on investment). And how? All due to the inherently immersive content they publish. 

To further understand this concept, I suggest you read the article. Here, we’ll discuss AR and VR mobile app technologies, their usability and advantages for mobile app development, and the hot trends. 

What is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? 

Augmented reality is an innovative technology that enables the simulation of artificial elements and objects in a simulated or real-time environment. There are ample devices that use AR technology, such as AR contact lenses, AR headsets, Smartglasses, Mobile AR, and different AR kits, etc. Hence, by utilizing this futuristic technology, you can see and easily interact with the artificial elements and objects developing visual and audible stimulations.  

Coming to virtual reality is the technology that helps in the artificial simulation of a complete environment. With the help of this technology, you can experience (and enjoy) virtual tours of various places, airplane simulations, roller coaster simulations, and any other environment.  

And yes, you can experience virtual reality using VR headsets. Take it as playing subway surfers in a real damn world. Sounds so exciting! 

Moving on, let’s see how AR and VR in mobile apps are benefiting businesses. 

Benefits of AR and VR Mobile Apps for Different Business Domains 

Let’s see how some popular business domains can experience the best advantages of AR and VR. 

Better In-House Experience 

Individuals are increasingly diverted toward digital shopping (I’m one of the individuals), and this is leading to eCommerce businesses investing in AR/VR for their mobile app development for better customer engagement and productivity. Digital stores are investing in AR/VR technologies to bridge the gap between online shopping and physical stores. Moreover, it provides a 3D product view that enables clients to take a 360-degree tour of the commodities, have better interaction with the brand, and connect to new and old clients with the help of virtual support members. 

Affordable Options 

There are several independent devices for experiencing AR and VR technologies. Moreover, you can get multiple cost-effective options, such as smartphone-based VR headsets and Google Cardboard. 

Helps in Remote Assistance 

With AR/VR app development, you can seamlessly handle remote assistance for your business. Remote assistance with AR and VR is a tech innovation that integrates live video streaming. This tech overlaps a computer-generated picture on the end user’s view of the physical environment. Hence, the combination of both AR and VR technologies helps to create an efficient business solution for remote management. 

More Creative Experiences  

The technology has gained good popularity but is still in its emerging phases, hence, you can enjoy many innovative experiences which you can never simulate through conventional 2D and 3D apps. 

Opt for Virtual Fitting  

Many modern eCommerce organizations are choosing to deploy AR/VR in mobile app development and experiencing novelties like virtual fitting. This feature assists online shoppers and visitors to try on clothes utilizing AR mirrors without even actually wearing them. Isn’t it amazing? Technology is taking leaps, to be honest! Hence, virtual fitting integration is gaining immense popularity in the apparel and clothing business, they are also making a big impression on footwear, glasses, furniture, makeup, etc. 

Let’s now go through the top AR and VR trends for mobile app development making businesses adore these technologies.  

Best AR Trends for Mobile App Development 

I’m fairly sure that the use of AR indicates a better future in mobile app development. Following are some of the best AR trends (today and future) for mobile app development services: 

  • Enhanced Safety Features – AR can help enhance the safety of a user with the help of mobile apps. How? They provide users with all the necessary information that assist them in preventing accidents and hazards. For instance, a construction worker can use an AR-based mobile app to witness any risks in their working site.                   
  • Increased Productiveness – Integrating AR in mobile app development services helps to increase their productiveness. For instance, an AR-based mobile app can help you with systematic instructions for any specific process. 
  • Better User Experience – AR delivers a much more engaging and immersive user experience by simulating all the digital information in real time. For instance, a mobile app with AR can present details about any product in real time. 

Best VR Trends in Mobile App Development 

We can also consider having a bright future in the world of mobile apps. Following are some of the VR trends in mobile app development:  

  • Virtual Tours – You can use VR for virtual tours of sites like historical landmarks and museums. You can visit these places as a part of your educational tours or heritage visits with an immersive experience.                                                             
  • Education and Training – In current times, you can also VR for educational and training sessions in mobile apps. For instance, students from medical backgrounds can use VR-based apps to simulate surgical operations, enabling students to train in a perfectly safe environment.    
  • Best Gaming Experiences – VR delivers a much more interactive and immersive gaming experience for users with mobile apps. With the help of VR, people can experience the look and feel, as if they’re in the game. 

Summing Up! 

So, augmented, and virtual reality’s advantages and trends speak volumes. Organizations are opting to invest in these modern technologies because of their exceptional business advantages and enhancing the client experience on another level. Hence, incorporating augmented and virtual reality into mobile apps makes it efficient and engaging.  

So, ready to opt for AR and VR? 

Okay, okay, slow down your horses! because to integrate these modern technologies, you need expert mobile app development services, to make your work easier and seamless.  

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