The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Amazon Prime Video App

amazon prime video app

Amazon Prime a peripheral of Amazon group, which is all new into the Digital Entertainment Space. After vanquishing great services to their customers. Amazon Prime targets to reach out directly to individual audiences by providing them with authentic, real , classy and absolute shows  that they can access at their close to hand.

Fresh stories like never before

Amazon Prime provides their viewers fresh, real and classy shows tailored mainly for Indians across the globe. The platform hosts high quality shows with the real work with the reputed writers, popular celebrities, and award winning directors, which makes Amazon Prime a true source of mainstream entertainment.

Stories for all

With different stories for everyone in categories from thrillers to adventurous, romantic, mysteries, crime etc. Amazon Prime have stories for every age group with college going youngsters to a well mature person.


Shows for Kids

Amazon Prime host shows for kids as well. It has superb collection of stories for kids that includes original and popular characters in live action as well as in animation form for learning or fun.

No bar of Region

There is regional bar to enjoy the service of Amazon Prime as it host the shows in various languages in India or abroad.

Simple and Easy to use

Amazon Prime is so simple to use. You do not have to face any trouble or complications to use the Amazon Prime app. If you are using Amazon Prime on your computer, simply go to and log in. On the other hand if you want to watch shows or movies on your phone or tablet download Amazon Prime for android or Amazon Prime for iOS. Then, open the app and you are ready to watch your favourite shows. You can browse by categories or by name. It is all very simple.

Guaranteed free delivery

Why to pay more for your product if you have already subscribed to Amazon prime. Amazon prime also provides the facility of getting their products online without paying extra delivery charges.

Prime Music

With prime membership of amazon, we can easily enjoy break free music of our choice.Across ten millions of songs in multiple languages are available in amazon prime.

Read anywhere, anytime

Prime users of amazon can avail the facility of reading unlimited e books of their choice without paying extra charges.

Grab the best deals first

Being a prime member of amazon, we can easily avail some extra services like we have a choice to get the hot deals first.

Why you might not subscribe to Amazon Prime?

While there aren’t too many negatives to the Amazon Prime membership, here are few that you must consider:

  • Sometimes during the watching session of the video, it creates problem in buffering
  • Keeping Amazon prime app also slightly affects the battery of the phone.

If you are not sure whether to subscribe amazon prime or not, consider signing up for a free trial. You’ll have a 30 days for its sample test. But if you don’t cancel the membership in advance, at the end of the trial period, your credit card will be charged automatically for the next period.

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