Amazing cycling destinations in the USA

Amazing cycling destinations
Amazing cycling destinations

Cycling has become a lifestyle for many people. Whether you want to reduce your expenses for fuel and go to work by bike, you are an ecologically conscientious person and don’t want to contribute to the further pollution of your city, or it’s your way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this vehicle has been present and used for so many people for centuries. For many people, cycling has become more than a means of transport or exercise. It has become a lifestyle and there are people who take cycling routes on their vacation to explore nature and amazing landscapes. Let’s mention some of the most recommendable places in the USA for cycling activities.

Pacific Coast in the USA

If you want to explore the Pacific coast to the fullest the Vancouver- California route might be right for you. If you don’t want to start your journey in Canada, then you can do it in Oregon instead.  You can have stops in Astoria, Crescent City, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara or modify the itinerary to correspond to your preferences. The Pacific coast offers magnificent and diverse marine wildlife and other than that, you´ll have a chance to explore the rural parts of Washington state, the  U.S. Naval Reservation on Whidbey Island, Seattle and its many attractions, magnificent ride along the coast near Astoria and finally California with its Golden Gate bridge and sunny weather. 

Atlantic Coast in the USA

From Bar Harbor in Maine to Saint Augustine in Florida, the Atlantic Coast offers a lot of exquisite cycling routes for history lovers. The northern parts of the coast can bring you back to the earliest days of the United States along with the bucolic villages of New England. Moving to the south, you will get to see some battlefields from the Civil War, especially in Fredericksburg Virginia. In the end, you will enter Florida and its sunny weather, Hispanic heritage, and crocodiles. Don’t miss the lovely city of Saint Augustine on your way there.

Hatteras Island, North Carolina

The state of North Carolina has both flat land and some steep mountain trails. Depending on your cycling experience and personal preference you can choose what you would like to visit. Twenty-five miles of a wonderful coastline is perfect for those who want to cycle relaxed, without too much of an effort. Hatteras Island offers this experience. In the end, you reach the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. For those who would like something more adventurous, there’s a Hanging Rock State Park with twisting roads and sharp curves. This is not for beginners. The view from there is a great payoff for all the effort made.

Saguaro National Park East, Arizona

One of the best cycling routes in Arizona includes Saguaro Park, near Tucson. The route is very pretty, with exotic wild plants like cacti. The view is incredible and it’s more suitable for experienced or semi-experienced riders. This is because the terrain has some curves, although it’s not considered dangerous. The sunset is the cherry on the top for this visit. Arizona generally has canyons, mountains and wonderful wildlife, so other than this park you can visit many more places. Its climate is hot so make sure you hydrate well. 

Moab, Utah

This destination is a delight for experienced riders. The mountainous Utah area offers a true sense of adventure. Although there are tours for beginners, this place is known for mountain biking and it gathers cycling enthusiasts. Slickrock Bike Trail is one of the most famous places to ride. Those who embark on this journey need to be equipped with professional mountain bikes. However, if you want something lighter, you can go to Bar-M Loop Trail and enjoy the terrain that is not that steep and offers excellent scenery since it’s close to the Arches National Park. 

Rio Grande, Texas

As the biggest state, Texas is hard to run in a couple of rides. Some of the most popular scenic bike rides in Texas include Big Bend Ranch State Park where you can hike as well. The area near the Rio Grande and the Chihuahua Desert offers some volcanic landscape. The Dragon’s Back is a trail made by riders and it’s considered a difficult one. The Davis Mountains near Fort Davis, Texas are famous for their spectacular view and several annual bicycle events. There are historical sites you might be interested in such as Fort Davis National Historic Site as well as an observatory and hotels for bikers where you can stay. 

Mount Evans Road, Colorado

After some steep mountainous roads, let’s explore the scenic landscapes of Colorado.  Nothing less mountainous, Colorado brings you to one of the highest national points, which is most certainly not for amateurs. The rail’s distance is 48 miles and the byway runs through a variety of ecosystems from forests to tundras. When you finish climbing you can enjoy the views and the massive peaks. The weather is prone to quick changes in this area and makes sure to bring different clothes so you can dress in layers. Also, bring some spare bike equipment just in case. 

Scenic Oregon Highways

Riding along Madras Mountain road looks amazing, with the huge snowy peaks in the distance, green landscape, and romantic lavender flowers along the way. This is a breathtaking view and recommendable for those who prefer the aesthetics to the adventure. You can see animals in the fields and feel the scents of nature coming from the flowers and bales. The place is full of farms and the countryside will amaze you with its agriculture and simple way of living. 

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Beautiful countryside, Amish colonies, national parks, and cities with a lot of historical heritage are the landmarks of this state. BicyclePA Route L passes through Lehigh Valley. It runs from Delaware to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. Take into account Pennsylvania’s humid weather conditions and wind and protect yourself and your bike and rucksack. 

Great Lakes

Michigan is an amazing state and very much famous for the lake that carries the same name. U.S. Bicycle Route 35 is a 500-mile route that spans from Indiana through Michigan to Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, following the Lake Michigan coastline and through the eastern Upper Peninsula. The wonderful scenery during the sunset will amaze you, just don’t forget to dress properly since it can be very chilly. 

If you’re bored with regular traveling by plane, train, or bus, then a bike is a good substitute since it provides many different benefits. It gives you an opportunity to truly appreciate and enjoy the landscapes of the places you visit, you become more physically active and thus healthier and you contribute to the healthier environment since you chose a more ecologically friendly option. Many citizens of the USA haven’t explored their country enough, some of them haven’t even left their state. This is a great opportunity for an adventure from the big mountains and lakes in the cold north to the sunny marine wildlife of California. The diversity is so big that you will have enough ideas for many trips to come. Don’t forget to get a quality bike that will support you on your journeys. 

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