All You Need to Know About Temporary Staffing Agency

leading temp staffing dubai
leading temp staffing dubai
Hand is turning a dice and changes the word “full-time” to “part-time” (or vice versa).

Staffing agencies create a bridge between employers and employees. They recruit workers for businesses that are seeking to fill certain vacancies by matching qualified candidates with companies. As a business owner, you might have several other duties. Finding qualified talent may be difficult for you. In this case staffing agencies can be very helpful. They will help in reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries. 

But using a staffing agency is not the right choice for every business. If you want to to partner with a staffing agency, here is what you need all to know about the process:-

1. THE EMPLOYER CONTACTS THE STAFFING AGENCY:- This is the first process of partnering with a staffing agency. You need to reach out to an agency that specializes in your industry. Furthermore, you have to give other necessary details like job responsibilities, the number of employees needed, the timeline to hire new workers and the salary. find more information on leading temp staffing dubai.

2. THE AGENCY CREATES THE JOB DESCRIPTION:- After collecting all the data the agency rights up a job description and advertisers it for your business. The job description includes qualification and other requirements of candidates. They might also reach out to potential candidates individually through different networks if the candidate is a good match for the vacancy.

3. THE STAFFING AGENCY REVIEWS CANDIDATES:- Interested candidates begin applying for the position by providing important required documents. The staffing agency then reviews their experience and qualifications. After that they choose the most qualified individuals before scheduling and conducting interviews. The staffing agency will also introduce the selected candidates to the human resource manager at your business.

4. THE EMPLOYER MAKES THE FINAL DECISION:- The hiring manager of the business owner will schedule and interview selected candidates by the staffing agency. They may use different tools and questionnaires in the interview process. 

5. THE AGENCY TAKES CARE OF THE PAPERWORK:- Most agencies handle the paperwork associated with new hires like contracts taxes and other payroll tasks. 

So in other words, a staffing agency acts as a middle man that eliminates most of the time consuming hiring process of a business owner. They basically charge 20% to 100% of the hired employees salaries. You may also be expected to cover other additional fees for filling the position or a contract fee if you hire a temporary worker permanently.

Now employers turn towards freelancing workers for  filing their workforce gaps. Staffing agencies can be a valuable resource for finding that talent quickly and efficiently. I have already discussed the process of working with staffing agencies. Now I’ll discuss the benefits of hiring a staffing agency for your business. find more information on leading temp staffing dubai.

•FAST HIRING:- Hiring process is more difficult now than previous years as the job market has changed drastically over the past few years. If you take help from temporary staffing agencies they will save your time and money. The staffing agency will find great talent very fast. They ensure that the manager is always interviewing candidates that are a good fit for the role.

FLEXIBILITY:- Nowadays companies are trying to be more productive. They hire employees only when they need to. They make sure that every money they spend is worthy. In this case temporary staffing is helpful as it allows business owners to only have people when they need them and those people are being productive. Temporary staffing agencies are also very flexible. They help to create a workforce that can adapt with client’s business demands. 

•REDUCED RISK:- As an employer you may have a lot of legal responsibilities involved with being an employer like bringing certain taxes providing, insurance coverage and following labor laws. Hiring workers also comes with financial risk especially if someone has to be fired or unexpectedly leaves. Staffing firms fulfills many responsibilities for you. You get freedom from compliance hassles.

.•ACCESS TO A WIDER, BETTER QUALITY TALENT POOL:- The members of staffing agencies are trained and experts in recruiting quality candidates. They usually have the database of candidates they have screened and assessed. So when you partner with a temporary staffing agency, they can tap into this wide network they have already built to find a suitable candidate more easily. 

•CAREER MENTORSHIP AND ADVICE:- Staffing agencies also work as mentors for candidates. They totally assess the candidates skills, interests and career plans and provide reliable tips and feedback so that they can improve themselves. 

•RETENTION:- Staffing agencies working for large companies can have a large amount of savings and company turnover. They also save the training costs and other costs like transportation and also miscellaneous costs. This is also a great advantage of hiring them.

Nathan & Nathan Human Resource Solution, Muaqat, Adecco Middle East are some excellent staffing agencies for short term contracting and flexible hiring solutions. They give you more flexibility in recruitment, steps your time in administration and helps you focus on your core business. find more information of leading temp staffing dubai.


Most common misconception about staffing agencies in the market is that they are too expensive to be worth it. You might also think you are saving money upfront but partnering with a temporary staffing agency might save your time and money in the long run.  

The other misconception is that staffing agencies don’t provide quality employees but this is certainly not true. Some companies even believe that workers who come through staffing agencies are only there because they could not get hired anywhere else. But staffing agencies have a great network and they help to  hire the most qualified candidates for the vacancy. 

CONCLUSION:- You need to first understand your needs and priorities. Then you have to choose a staffing agency that’s right for your business. Most importantly, maintain a good relationship with the staffing agency so that you can grow your business effortlessly.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. 

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