The Many Advantages Of The Flutter App Development Platform

flutter app development company

There are loads of new apps on the mobile device scene now, with more coming into use daily! The rise of mobile has also seen a rise in the number of people working in the industry, in Australia it employed over 8,000 people in 2023! 

In response to our hunger for more apps, more tools to create them are coming into play all the time, and one of the most exciting of these is called Flutter. A Flutter developer can create powerful, attractive apps quickly and efficiently using this amazing new app development platform!

Flutter’s cutting-edge technology gives it some big advantages over older app-making tools. Here are some of the reasons why anyone interested in pursuing a career in the app development market should give Flutter a try!

  • Open Source – The ongoing development of Flutter can be contributed to by anyone, and there is a growing community of developers currently active, with many more sure to follow. The community provides a variety of helpful tutorials to get you started, many of which are available on sharing sites such as Github. 
  • Fast – Flutter is based on the Dart programming language which is compiled with native code so no JavaScript bridge is necessary, resulting in high-speed, responsive apps.
  • Widgets – The building blocks of Flutter apps are called “widgets”, and there are many types available, with more appearing all the time. Widgets are a tool that makes the creation of elegant customised user interfaces a snap!
  • Cross-Platform – Flutter is capable of building apps for both Android and iOS using a single codebase so the developer doesn’t need to waste time and effort switching between two different platforms. Flutter is also useful for the creation of web applications, making it a truly versatile development tool!
  • Google Product – Flutter has the backing of industry giant Google, ensuring that it will be constantly improved on. Thanks to its Goggle connection, developers can work with confidence knowing that Flutter will be at the forefront of development tools for years to come.
  • Free – Flutter requires no charges or licensing fees for its use, making it an excellent choice for developers and startups interested in producing excellent quality apps on a low-to-no budget!
  • Debugging – Flutter apps are a cinch to debug thanks to their base programming language Dart’s extensive set of tools such as the DevTools suite and the Dart Analyzer.
  • Screen Adaptability – With so many different kinds of mobile devices available today, phones, tablets, smartwatches, and more, the ability to function on any sized screen is an absolute must for any new app. Flutter apps are designed to be usable on a wide variety of aspect ratios and screen sizes, making it the most versatile app development platform around!
  • Automated Testing – Featuring its own set of tools for automated testing, Flutter allows you to create tests for widgets, integration, and units that easily improve and optimize an app’s quality!

The Australian Government now has its own Mobile app, you can get the myGov app by clicking here! The world of mobile apps is growing fast, so be sure to try out Flutter and experience its amazing app development potential!