Advantages and disadvantages of JEE Main online and offline exam

jee main online and offline exam

The examination of JEE Main paper 1 for BE/B. Tech (engineering) students will be held for both online and offline examination modes. The online exam will obviously be a computer-based test wherein students have to mark answers on the screen. Now, because of the availability of the two modes, candidates are confused as to which type of exam is going to be easy to take. To help the candidates, we have listed the pros and cons of JEE main online and offline exam.

JEE Main Exam Tips

The students can practice by taking a JEE main test candidates provided by Vedantu jee main question paper written in English covering all the syllabus with sample papers. The candidate will have to mark the answer in an OMR sheet by filling in the circle. Let ‘s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this method.


  • Students in India are habituated when it comes to offline tests and that is why the pen and paper method gives the candidate a certain similarity. An online mock test is only a recent event. But for the most part, an engineering student had to give their entrance exam on a paper or book. Thus, the old method does give a safer feeling when it comes to taking the exam.
  • The possibility of facing a technical glitch or problem cannot be completely thrown away. When the question arrives for such events, it is safe to say that offline exams have no such risks that make it an ideal exam method.


  • Offline exams have their bad side too. Remember when you used to get your marks cut because of the way you marked your answers? OMR sheets need to fill in a certain way and if you failed to do so you would get your marks cut. Even though the rules are very old, mistakes can happen in a hurry and for that, you can fail your JEE mains exam.
  • Once you have filled in the answer you cannot go back to change your answer. You can easily fill in the wrong answer because you are in a hurry and that will create a permanent problem for you, unlike the online exams.

JEE Main online exam

The ease of attempting an online exam is the best especially when you don’t have to put much effort into it. You will be able to mark your answer by simply clicking on the circle, so there is no way to get your marks cut to apply the wrong method. You would also get a question palette that will tell you which question you have missed in the sheet, so you don’t miss out on anything. Let’s see some of the pros and cons of taking an online test.


  • As stated above the question can be marked and then can be changed easily if any mistakes were made. You will be able to mark your question for review and come back to it after completing the rest of the question. You can give your answers without making any sort of silly mistakes and if you solve all the questions beforehand you can easily review your answers.
  • You won’t waste time or your physical effort by filling in the bubble.
  • The CBSE board will launch the official JEE Main online mock test before the exam period to help you familiarize with the upcoming exam pattern.


  • Candidates who are not familiarized with the online exam method can feel the lack of confidence when attempting CBTs. 
  • All the questions of Mathematics, some Physics questions and some Chemistry questions involved calculation, so in the spur of solving all those questions in the rough sheets, a candidate can mark a wrong figure. The offline exam can also have this disadvantage but in CBTs the chances increase.

In the end, your confidence and good preparation are what will be accountable for the success in the exam. So, make sure to become ready to ace your test. If you are going for the online test you can get familiarized with the mock test and when it comes to the offline exam you will just need to study hard. 

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