Advanced Medical Centre

advanced medical centre

Advanced Medical Centre is a famous hospital in all of cities. The latest addition to the list of facilities at the AMC is the G8 Markaz. This is the first medical centre has constructed inside the premises of a international airport. If you are a patient of any major illness and are unable to travel from Rawal port to or from to Rawal, this is the best possible option for receiving medical treatment in a hospital.

The medical amenities that are offered at the G8 Markaz include a two-staged appointment process where the patients are referred to the experienced doctors present in the centre. In addition to this, the patients are referred to a high standard X-ray department, a cardiology department with twenty-four x-ray machines and a gastroenterology department with twenty-four Gastrointestinal Stem Cells (GGS). These professionals have twenty-four nets in each of their intestines. Twenty-four of them are attached to a single X-ray machine. A representative from the GGS will be with each patient throughout his examination.

The two-staged appointment process is done because it assures that the patient receives timely medical attention and that the doctor gives quick attention to his case. The medical assistants working at the G8 Markaz are all skilled. They are well-trained and equipped with required medical amenities. The clinical care is also provided at this facility at an extremely competitive price. The doctors here specialize in various fields including cardiology, gastroenterology, diagnostics, radiology and imaging science, microbiology, pathophysiology, gastroenterology, diagnostic imaging and radiology. These experienced doctors can treat almost all types of health-related issues.

In-patient treatment is also very advanced here at the G8 Markaz. The hospital staff and physicians are fully trained and equipped to handle any emergency situation. Patients here receive optimum in-patient care with a dedicated team of competent and experienced doctors. These professionals offer services like medical testing, consultations, surgical operations, consultation, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and monitoring services. All the services are performed by fully trained and experienced doctors and medical staff, without exception.

Some of the most common medical conditions treated in the centres at G8 Markaz is pregnancy, chronic cardio-vascular disease, AIDS, cardiovascul diseases, neurological disorders, multiple sclerosis, gastroenteritis, viral infections, fertility problems, women’s reproductive health, menopause, musculoskeletal disorders, orthopedics and pediatric health-related issues. These health-related issues are given first priority here in. There are doctors who specialize in pediatrics, gynecology, endocrinology, nutrition and family planning. Multiethnic centre, it caters to the needs of clients with different ethnicity, culture and religion. Multilingual staff and doctors, skilled in English, Urdu and Punjabi, provide all the necessary assistance in making your visit to the centre as pleasurable as possible. The centre has doctors and medical practitioners who speak fluent English and local Pashto language.

The hospital room offers comfortable environment for the patient. The primary advantage of this hospital is that it provides treatment at the most affordable rates and at the same time is a luxurious facility. The G8 Markaz is located close to different educational institutes and markets. It is located at a very safe location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The average consultation fee offered in this centre ranges from about 30 Rupees to around 5000 rupees, depending on the service requested.

The facilities and amenities offered by this hospital are world class. The doctors and other medical practitioners are well trained and have specialization in various fields including cardiology, gynecology, diagnostics, ENT, surgery, dermatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopedics and neurology. The hospital is equipped with the latest equipment and equipments. The surgeons and other medical practitioners offer various kinds of medical services including cardiology, dermatology, ENT, surgery, gastroenterology, orthopedics and neurological surgery.

These medical centres provide all the facilities and amenities for the patients. The doctors and other medical practitioners use their skills and experience in cardiology, gynecology, diagnostics, ENT, surgery, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, and anaesthesia. These hospitals and clinics also offer various kinds of complementary therapies and stress relieving methods to the patients. They give the facility to the patients to make family visits to monitor the overall health. Some of these centers have an emergency medical facility in case the patient is trapped in any health emergency.

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