7 Must-Have Pieces of Indian Jewelry for Every Indian Bride

The wedding season is on, and everyone planning to tie the knot is busy planning their big day. The center of attraction for any wedding is the beautiful bride itself. The bride on her big day glows distinctly in her astonishing wedding dress and shining jewelry. The Indian wedding jewelry designs are so stunning that they can turn any girl into a stunning princess in no time. When it comes to her wedding, the bride wants everything to be perfect. From wedding songs to the wedding dress and of course the jewelry she will wear on her big day, everything needs to be as grand and as perfect as it can be. Keeping this in mind, we have enlisted seven must have pieces of jewelry for every Indian bride on her wedding day. Read on (Indian Gold Collection Online).

Elaborated Earrings

When it comes to Indian wedding jewelry, the earrings have a special place there. It is an essential part of any Indian bridal jewelry set. it is important that your wear a pair of earrings that are close to your ears and are not hanging too low. It is a good idea to add a sparkle so that your wedding earrings do not look like a you are wearing a pair of plain simple earrings. Earrings can easily transform your look from casual from formal in an instant. One of the most loved piece of traditional Indian traditional jewelry is the Jhumka and you will see almost every Indian bride flaunting her stunning Jhumka on her big day. Additionally, the chandelier earrings and long earrings with handing beads are also becoming a good choice among trendy brides. Make sure that you choose a pair that blends well with your face as well as your outfit type and color.

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A grand necklace is an unavoidable piece of jewelry for any Indian bride. It is a bridal jewelry that cannot be missed out of the shopping list when buying jewelry for the bride to be. The first requirement for choosing a necklace is that it must compliment your outfit and should look elegant. An Indian necklace can be worn along with numerous outfits and can be a perfect choice for any occasion, provided it is chosen wisely. When you want to add a finishing touch to any outfit, you need an elegant necklace complementing your dress. You can choose to wear a choker or a Rani Haar on your wedding day according to your preferences and outfit you choose.

Maang Tikka

You might say that the Maang Tikka is the crown jewel for any bride. It not only symbolizes the love and the holy union of two people but it also is a great piece of jewelry that adds a touch of royalty to the look of a bride. For an exceptionally stunning look, a bride must have a Maang tikka in her wedding shopping list. Generally, a Maang Tikka is a small chain that the bride wears on her head. One end of the chain is hooked to the hair and the other end is left dangling in the center of the forehead. On the dangling end of eth Maang Tikka, normally there is a pendant with diamond in it which gives it a really traditional look.

Indian Wedding Rings

In every culture, the wedding ring is an essential part of wedding. When it comes to Indian Wedding Jewelry collection, rings are an essential part of it. Although, as a bride you already have an engagement ring but that does not mean that you cannot treat yourself with a big fat diamond or gold ring that goes perfectly with your outfit and your entire wedding collection. There are plenty of designs and patterns that not only give an antique look but also instantly add glamour to your overall look. The antique designs that are available for Indian wedding rings give a royal feel and make you look like a princess. 


Bangles are an indistinct part of Indian culture and hence do need a reminder when it comes to Indian wedding jewelry. Indian women are known for their exquisite love for exotic bangles with ethnic designs. You can spot any Indian bride wearing handcrafted bangles that cover her entire arm. When it comes to variety of choice, you have numerous patterns and materials with intricate designs that, along with giving you a traditional look, add elegance to your attire instantly.  Any Indian bride is a sight to behold with these gleaming pieces of art in her hands.


For a traditional Indian bride, the most important facial highlight is her Nath or nose ring. Indian brides are known to wear heavy nose rings on their big day. It is one of the most celebrated piece of bridal jewelry. Even a simple nose ring worn by a bride can instantly change her entire look and add grace to her face. For any Indian bride, getting their nose pierced is considered lucky and hence a big heavy Nath is a great addition to her wedding collection symbolically and aesthetically. If you are going for heavy jewelry and heavy clothing, an ethnic Nath can give your look a perfect finishing touch. Even if you don’t have piercing on the nose, you can always opt for clip on Nath that are fast becoming trendy.


Kamarbandh or waistband is one of the most attractive piece of jewelry when worn by a woman. They are commonly worn by women in the Indian subcontinent. They are available in a variety of designs and lengths. The main objective of a Kamarbandh is a to draw attention to your waistline and your outfit. When it comes to bridal jewelry, there can be nothing captivating more than a beautiful kamarbandh (Indian Diamond Jewelry Collection Store).

Wrap up

These were some of essential bridal jewelry that a bride must have in her wedding. There many other meaningful pieces of jewelry such as mangalsutra, toe rings, hair wreaths, Paayal, Hathphool, and baajubandh that can give a bride the look of her dreams.

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