7 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

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No matter how hard you try, there are just some things in life that are bound to fail one way or another. However, some people have gotten a few little tricks up their sleeves to help them with their day-to-day tasks. From the moment they wake up, and go out the door, to the time they drop by the grocery stores and prepare meals for their family – life hacks are a must. They’re simple and they can change your life for the better.

And everyone has a life hack or two (or more) in their arsenal. Although I want to share more than a hundred life hacks that help me on a daily basis.

life hacks

I’ve curated the top 7 awesome life hacks that you can use anywhere.

1. Empty Plastic Bottles on Egg Yolks

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a hard time dealing with eggs in the morning. Even broken egg yolks in a frying pan rankle the heck out of me! How much more when you want to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites!?


When you want to use the egg whites only and save the yolks for later, use an empty plastic bottle. Break the entire egg on a bowl. Grab an empty plastic bottle and position the rim opening on the yolk. Squeeze the bottle and slowly release to suck the yolk from the egg whites.

2. Hair Straighteners for Collars

One of the household chores I dread is ironing. It’s tedious, and well, it’s just not fun to do especially when ironing collared shirts.


Some collars are very stubborn when ironing. To iron the collars in polo shirts, use a hair straightener. This way, you can quickly make sure nothing’s crumpled right before leaving your home.

3. Organize Wires without Spending a Dime

Don’t you just hate haphazard wires at home? Not only are they annoying to look at but they’re also not safe especially when you have children at home. And when you stow them away in a place somewhere, it can be difficult to get them out again in one, smooth pull.


To make your life easier when dealing with long wires, use an empty tissue holder to hold the wire in place. Or when you have wires hanging from your walls which are an eyesore to look at, grab the bread clips from the kitchen cupboard and use them to clip wires together so they’ll look neat and organized.

4. Take Quality Group Photos with Ease

I love to capture special moments with friends. And we love group photos more than shameless selfies! That’s why we love photo booth hire services when we attend weddings as some booths can fit up to 12 people. But on regular days, sometimes I just can’t get the quality photos.


The right focus position is key to a quality group photo. If there’s one row, make sure they’re all in the same focal plane level. However, if there are multiple rows, put your camera focus in the middle, towards the person in the first or second row.

5. Carry Your Grocery Bags with One Hand

I know it might sound impossible especially if you have more than eight plastic bags in tow! It can be a bit of a hassle carrying your grocery bags from the car to the house especially if you’re living alone. You’ll have to put down your bags every time you go through the door. But not anymore…


Buy a heavy-duty carabiner. Clip all grocery bags handles in the carabiner and you’ll have your other hand free for opening the door (or taking a selfie).

6. Avoid Dripping Ice Packs

Ice packs are great for increasing blood flow and relieving pain from injuries. But dripping ice packs are so annoying. Although you can wrap the ice packs in a piece of cloth, the cloth also drips when the ice pack melts.


Try putting a sponge in a freezer. When it’s frozen enough, put the sponge in a zip lock plastic bag and voila, no more dripping melted ice pack!

7. Don’t Let Every Sliver of Soap go to Waste

If you have a hard time using that small piece of soap on your soap dish because it always keeps slipping off your hands, don’t throw it away.


When it’s time to grab a new bar of soap, grab the small piece of soap and stick it onto the new bar!

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