6 tips for writing amazing posts on your blog

writing amazing posts

1. Radical transparency

Do you really want to impress people? Share your secrets! The idea of ​​radical transparency is often used in financial publications, where business owners or individuals talk about their income, their surprising debts or some other interesting monetary issues. For more information about different writing skills you can check out Cheetahpapers.

Even if you don’t want to give your financial information, you can adopt this same opening technique by sharing a recent corporate decision or some process. It can be difficult to open that way, but it is a safe approach that helps readers identify with your business at a deeper level. 

2. A guide on “how to do it”

These publications are always mentioned in lists of recommendations of the blog, since readers really respond to them. But how often have you wanted to see these notes just to discover a scarce list of points that nothing new teaches you? If you really want to leave a mark, make your publications so interesting that people are left with a clear idea of ​​the process you want to teach.

Use a combination of words, images and videos so that the reader can put into action the steps you described. This is an easy way to generate interest in your blog.

 3. Lists of eternal publications

Publications in the form of lists are popular as they help to capture more attention, unlike other structures. That said, it is getting harder and harder to stand out with lists of five to ten articles. Do you want to be really innovative? Create a massive list with around 100 entries (or more if you feel ambitious).

 4. Explore the hard truth

There is so much nonsense on the internet that readers are fed up with that. Despite the best efforts your team makes, many people know when they are giving them a half truth and not all the information. For this reason, one of the easiest ways to get attention with great content is exploring the hard truth. It’s not always fun to be so honest, but your readers will absolutely love you for keeping things real.

5. Long publications

To be perfectly clear, the “epic” information does not have to be long. If you can surprise someone with a new idea or with a different way of seeing the world within a few paragraphs, that counts as “epic” in the mind. The State of the Digital blog has observed correlations between content length, bounce rate, higher engagement levels and longer average time on the site. It is clear that readers are looking for more content and it is up to you to give them to them.

6. Original research

If you really want to stand out, you must bring something new. Using the same facts and statistics cited over and over again on the web can give your readers some value, but the blog of your business does not stand out significantly.

To catch your readers (and share the content on social networks), consider building your own original research. Depending on your budget, you can also do it with the help of companies that do online surveys, agencies that do telephone surveys or even market research firms that organize focus groups. Publishing the results of your work on the blog will not only promote great content, but will improve the perceived authority of your business and brand recognition within your industry.

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