6 Benefits of bringing Big data Analytics in Hospitality

revenue management

Every high performing businesses strive to offer their customers the ultimate satisfaction when it comes to hospitality. Although the basic needs for most of the guests traveling from different cities or countries are almost same i.e to have a comfortable place to sleep and store their luggage, however, there are also some guests who want more from a hotel or guests house. There are people who look for hotels that have many other facilities like lounging by the pool, gym room, spa apart from rooms to sleep and keep their belongings. It is the hospitality business that can understand different customers and their needs in order to appeal to all of them effectively. Now, this can be done through Big data analysis. If you are wondering how can Big data analytics effectively perform this task then you must read this article.

A short explanation of Big Data Analytics

Big data is a phrase that is in vogue these days. This phrase is being used frequently in order to describe large sets of data that businesses are using regularly. This data are extremely different in nature since they are generated from various sources. The hospitality industry specializes in using these data sets so that customer behavior and interactions can be determined.

big data analytics

How can Big Data Analytics Benefit Hospitality Industry

Revenue Management

Big data can be used to generate revenue management strategies.

  • Hotels can carry out analysis that can predict demand level among travelers for a particular hotel room.
  • Data that can work effectively include recent booking status, past occupancy rate, different performance metrics, external data, etc.  
  • With the successful analysis of the big data for predicting demand steps can be taken to operate the room rates which in turn will maximize the revenue and profit.

Targeted Marketing is possible

Hotel guests range from business travelers to couples to families, thus they are varied in nature. Hotels might have guests who have a fixed budget, also it has people looking for special honeymoon packages. Big data helps hotels with these issues. It can help the hotel in financial management as well as in marketing content.

  • By implementing Big data businesses can identify the best opportunities available for their businesses.
  • Also, key demographics can be targeted through online advertising with the help of big data.
  • By targeting location and time specific marketing, businesses can reach out to customers who are in need of that particular service or particular guest house. 

Improved customer experience

Big data can be of great help in improving the relationship with customers. Every hotel provides customer experience.

  • Big data by helping hotel owners and customer service teams in spotting important trends related to customer opinions, learn about the customer, about their weakness and strength.
  • In the hotel industry every customer wants to be heard. However, researching about each and every customer is quite challenging thus big data analysis comes at the rescue.
  • It can effectively analyze and give results on what areas need improvement and what customers really want.

Improved additional services

Hotels indulge in a lot of interactions with potential and current customers and as a result, a lot of data gets generated.

  • When these data are collected and analyzed properly they give extremely detailed information about a customer and the service that customer uses.
  • These data analysis helps hotel owners to make decisions about a particular service or product very easily.

Big data helps to get a transparent idea on competitors

Big data gives a clear idea about competitors. By incorporating big data analysis companies can see their competitors in the hospitality sector. In the age of the internet, numerous places are there where you can go in order to learn about your customer’s actions, their reviews, opinions and many more. By gathering all these data and processing them one can learn about the trends that are working currently.

Big Data helps hotel industries to offer a personalized experience

Big data helps to connect with guests in various new ways, also helps hotel management to offer customized services to each and every guest. With the help of Big Data, hospitality professionals are being able to learn more and more about their customers. Thus, in the process, they can offer a better experience.

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