3 Best Road Trip Cars You Must Know

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You got to have the right car for a good road trip. Perhaps that’s the reason why different types of road trips call for different needs. In case your journey takes you to the lengthy stretches of the road, you’ll probably want to get along with a car with great mileage to keep you on the road as long as possible while ensuring all the comfort. To help you get closer to the right choices with regards to the cars, we have come up with the best road trip cars for every category on your rental checklist.

These are just the perfect vehicles you can to choose when planning a road trip. These cars possess the best comfort, mileage and safety. So let’s dive in;

Toyota Camry

It’s the Full-size 26 MPG beast with 4 bags Cargo Space that’s perfect for small families like 5 people. Inevitably, this car offers safety features including its pre-collision system. Besides, its pedestrian detection helps you steer clear of any possible obstacles that may lead you to an accident.

In 2018, the Toyota Cary earned an impressive safety review from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In case the safety is your primary concern – which actually is, Toyota Camry is the best road trip car for you.

Ford Mustang

Undoubtedly, Ford Mustang is the luxury, Premium and convertible 21 MPG car that offers cargo space of 1 bag along with 4 seats. This sporty car possesses a perfect blend of style & power and is just the right thing for solo travellers. Ford Mustang is known for its excellent handling that inevitably makes it a great car for long trips whether it’s the winding roads or occasional dirt path.

For solo roadtrippers, Ford’s comfortable front seats along with its classy interior make extensive drives a breeze. Apart from solo roadtrippers, it could also be an ideal choice for a couple as well. With your beloved one or better-half, you can enjoy this road trip car as long as luggage is kept to a minimum.

Chrysler Pacifica

This is actually a 7-seater minivan – 28 MPG with 5-bags cargo space and just the best choice for big families. But the best part here is that Chrysler Pacifica is much more than just a minivan. This incredible car offers a lot in order to keep your family comfortable and entertained. This perfect ride has got the up-to-date infotainment system, which includes the Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and other tremendous hi-tech features.

Are you about to drive during the night after getting it from the car rental in Manama? You won’t be disturbed about the noise as it has got the quiet interior that won’t interrupt your sleep. In case it’s necessary, you can even fold down the seat just to fit in that last piece of luggage or perhaps to get some extra leg room for your kids.

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