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Every country has a mother language, but for a conversation with others, they need a universal language.  To associate with various people from diverse countries, you need to have a standard language. You can interact with anyone anywhere using the English language. English is not just a language but also a communication medium between people in different areas. The basic problem among people is how to learn English because it’s not everyone’s mother language. It is a very complicated language if you don’t know it but very easy if you get it. Learning English is a tough thing to do. However, not impossible. There are different mediums where you can learn English that includes movies, schools, etc. The most convenient and fun way is to use android apps and Character Counter Tool for learning English. It helps in easy learning of new language and counting its words during creative writing. The following are some top android apps for learning English.

Basuu App:

The most astounding app for learning English is Basuu. It teaches English most commonly. It guides you all about the English language that includes spelling, grammar, phrases, and conversational English. Although the paid version of Basuu is very costly. Its features are worth the cost. Basuu provides you with some fascinating features, including pros and cons:

Pros of Basuu App:

  • It is a very user-friendly app.
  • It is the best app that can teach the English language online.
  • It also helps you improve your accent.
  • If you don’t want to use the paid version, you can excess the free version.
  • The free version provides you with a reasonable amount of Content.

Cons of Basuu App:

  • It is available online but still has some serious flaws.
  • Its subscription is very costly as compared to other apps.

Drops App:

Drops App makes learning English easy for you. This app is most suitable for people that have more limited time to learn English. People can learn English effortlessly using this app. Every app has some pros and cons. Following are some pros and cons of Drops:

Pros of Drops App:

  • You can choose between British English and American English as per your choice.
  • You can use the application in the offline mode.
  • It helps you learn English using different engaging games.
  • It teaches conventional English.
  • Its subscription is very reasonable.
  • Its user interface is very user-friendly.

Cons of Drops App:

  • It doesn’t teach you grammar from start, you learn it yourself.

Duolingo App:

Duolingo is another engaging app that offers the learning material for several languages. You can also learn English using Duolingo App. It is a very colorful app that not only lets you learn but also refreshes your mood. Learning English is no more difficult for anyone if they are using this app. There are some pros and cons of Duolingo app. Let’s have a look at it.

Pros of Duolingo app:

  • It let you learn multiple languages on a single platform.
  • It provides you different grammar and vocabulary learning games.
  • Its user interface is very colorful that avoids boredom.
  • The lessons are very well-defined, you can have them during your break.
  • It enables you to learn English in a fun way.

Cons of Duolingo App:

  • Till now, there are no flaws present in this app.

Hello English App:

It is clear from the name that this app is all about English. It is counted as the best way to learn English. It targets 22 languages of people to learn English. It was loved a lot by the people during its testing period. It has some agreeable features as well as some cons. Let’s have a look at them.

Pros of Hello English App:

  • You can use the app in offline mode.
  • Hello English App, targets many people around the world.
  • It consists of a total of 475 lessons.
  • It provides you with a dictionary and teachers to help you learn.
  • It makes learning fun through games and activities.
  • It also provides you with some short video clips and audio messages for better understanding.

Cons of Hello English App:

  • It is not a primary source for learning the English language.

HelloTalk App:

The most fascinating and unique English learning app is HelloTalk. It teaches you English through different social media. It provides you with some extraordinary features that are not present in other English learning apps. Let us have a look at its pros and cons:

Pros of HelloTalk:

  • HelloTalk is unique from other English learning apps.
  • It enables you to talk to different people and learn their language.
  • You can do video calls, messages, and audio calls and learn.
  • It helps you learn conversational English and improve grammar and vocabulary.

Cons of HelloTalk:

  • It is a secondary source for improving English.

Google Translate App:

Google translate is not an app for learning English. People use it for translation of languages. However, it can help you in improving your grammar and vocabulary. Some features make it very useful, and some features make it unwanted. Let us have look at its pros and cons:

Pros of Google translate App:

  • It assists you to translate and improve your grammar and vocabulary.
  • It translates your text into the language you want.
  • You can translate 103 languages in the online mode, and in offline mode, you can translate a total of 59 languages.
  • You can easily translate the object by pointing a camera onto it.

Cons of Google translate App:

  • There are no flaws in this app, although it is more a translating app then an English learning app.

Learn English Phrases App:

The easiest and accessible app for English learners is to learn English phrases. You can not only learn English but also get to know about the exact pronunciation of the word. It is similar to the Duolingo and Basuu app. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons to completely understand the working of the app.

Pros of Learn English Phrases App:

  • It acts as a phrasebook or reference guide.
  • It teaches you about American and British accents and pronunciation as well.
  • It enables you to record and listen to your voice.
  • It is available both offline and online.

Cons of Learn English phrase App:

  • There are as such no technical flaws of this app.


If we talk about the most prevalent English learning app them Memrise is on the top. It teaches you many languages that also include English. It uses several teaching techniques to make learning easy for you. It is the nicest choice for people who have spare time. It is the most accurate option for people who have additional time.   Let us have a look at the reasons that make it more demanding.

Pros of Memrise App:

  • It teaches you basic vocabulary.
  • It makes learning fun through games, videos, etc.
  • You can use it in offline mode.
  • It teaches you conversational English.
  • Its lessons are very comprehensive and helpful.

Cons of Memrise App:

  • As compared to other apps, it is a little expensive.

Simple learn American English:

Simple learn American English is the most accessible English learning app. It has a very user-friendly interface. It is the fittest option for a phrasebook. This app teaches you the basics of English. Let us have a look at its pros and cons:

Pros of Simple learn American English App:

  • Its paid version consist of 30 categories and 1000 phrases.
  • In the free version of this app, there are 300 phrases available.
  • It provides you with audio pronunciation of the app as well.
  • To make learning easy it makes use of games and flashcards.
  • It can be used in offline mode.
  • Cons of Simple learn American English:
  • It cannot be used as a primary source of learning English. 

Tandem App:

Tandem has many features in common with the HelloTalk app. Similarly likes the HelloTalk app you socialize with different people and learn their language. Its interface is very user-friendly and fun to use. Let us have a look at its pros and cons:

Pros of Tandem App:

  • It allows you to interact with people through video calls, audio calls, and messages.
  • It has people from all around the world. You can learn about 150 languages.
  • It provides you with professional teachers for your learning.

Cons of Tandem App:

  • It is a secondary source of learning.

The English language is very important for everyone and so many people are struggling to learn English. Above are some top apps for android that can be your partner in the journey of learning English. SO, stop worrying and download any of the above apps and learn English easily.

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