How to Pack your Moving Boxes Efficiently? Check Some Important Tips.

pack moving boxes

First of all congratulations for your new house!

Packing while moving house actually takes longer than you can imagine. So the first thing to decide is whether you’ll be packing everything yourself or you are going to hire someone to do the job for you.

Whatever you decide, start early!

If you have decided to do your own packing, this guide will be of great help for you to wrap up efficiently.

1. Get Good Quality Cardboard Boxes

Make sure you buy best quality house moving boxes, double walled boxes in several different sizes in this case will be great option. For heavy items like books and crockery medium size boxes.

Large boxes will of great help to pack up your light and bulky items.

2. Do Not Over Fill Boxes

It is always recommended to pack your light items in large boxes and heavy items in smaller boxes. If you are filling a box with the combination of light and heavy items, make sure you place the heavier items first and then lighter ones on the top.

Avoid filling the box completely with items, instead do some cushioning on top and sides to avoid damaging them. Overfilling will also prevent the boxes from properly stacking up in the carriage.

3. Wrap Delicate Items

Before packing your delicate items, make sure they’re protected well. Wrap glasses, vases and frames either in bubble wrap or acid free tissues. This helps in preventing your items from breaking and dulling.

In order to provide protective layer and fill spaces in between the items you can use corrugated cardboard or foam wraps. Pictures and mirrors must be wrapped securely in large bubble wraps to avoid breaking.

4. Seal Securely

Use polypropylene packing tape or brown vinyl tape to seal the boxes at both top & bottom. The strong adhesion of this tape does not unstick and holds boxes strongly.

Avoid using duct tapes as they are not strong enough to hold and do not even stick properly to the cardboards.

5. Label Each Box

After packing each box, do not forget to label it immediately. If you leave labelling for later, you might have to re-open your boxes to find out what you filled them with as it is quite impossible to remember which box contains what.

Mark the contents clearly and jotting down what room you’ll be putting it in is also a great idea and will save you a lot of time during unpacking.

It also reduces the chances of things being lost!

6. Pack Essentials in the End

Do not pack things that you need daily or the one that you’ll need on the very first day or night in your new home.

You must pack these in the survival kit and load it last into the van. It will then be accessible during unpacking and also it will be easy and quick to locate your essentials.

Lastly, properly assembling your removal boxes for safe loading and unloading is very important to reduce the risk of damage!

Happy & safe Moving!

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