How does the Australian education system work?



Australia has been recognized as one of the countries with the best education in the world. Impressive! Certain? So if you have been thinking about the possibility of studying abroad, this destination may be the right option. But before making that decision, the ideal is that you know a little more about its educational system and that you bear in mind all the opportunities that you may have there.


One important way in which the Australian education system differs from other countries is the Australian Qualifications Framework . This national system allows students to move between different levels of study, at the same time ensuring that the educational institution is authorized by the government and thus the degree is totally genuine.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the online education system has been adopted throughout the world.The system of education is miswebmail. This system provides quality education in the form of videos lectures, online assignments, etc free of cost.

Learning Community

Australia is located in the place 21 ranking of the world top education, and has enrollment of about 1,250 AUD onwards. However, they compensate the costs with a wide variety of scholarships, and the possibility that the foreign student can work with their visa.

Australian education is based on the concept of the Learning Community, which seeks to create a working relationship between society and the institution, through parents, teachers and students. It is a mandatory process in the country up to 15 years of age and the degrees in Australia are internationally accepted, since the methods and knowledge imparted are designed to be easily comparable in any other institution in the world. 


The Australian education system is uniform across all Australian states and territories and is divided into three different levels:

1- Primary education: The period of Australian primary school lasts between 7 and 8 years, from preschool to the sixth or seventh year.

2- Secondary education: The secondary education system in Australia generally runs from Years 7 or 8 to Year 10. After completing Year 10, Australian students enter the ‘upper secondary school’ period, which lasts for two years , from the year 11 to 12.

3- Tertiary education: The tertiary education system in Australia includes higher education and professional education.


Being part of a modern system, which has a learning community that guarantees to take advantage of all the knowledge acquired.Constant contact with practical training, which allows the student to prepare for the labor field.-+Thanks to the intermediate vocational training period between high school and university, students can more easily adapt to the higher system

Most of the superior programs are bilingual, so the training is comprehensive.

Australian certifications are widely accepted and easily homologated worldwide.

Most educational institutions are public. They have a special system for the integration of foreign students, called the Australian Qualifications Framework, which sets the guidelines for the migrant to study in the country.Foreign students have a special visa, which allows them to integrate a part-time job with their academic training.

The Australian system

The Australian system is quite sympathetic to foreigners. They are very open to receiving students from other parts of the world, even offering courses and excellent options for training in English, in case you do not meet the minimum level required.

The visa for you as an immigrant is designed based on the type of program you will take, and therefore, for the duration of the program. It also includes the possibility of working part time while you study, having the right to earn minimum salary.

Australian education stands

Australian education stands out as one of the best systems in the world. Thanks to its emphasis on the development of personal skills, the integration of the community in the process and its openness to a multicultural education, it offers a learning experience that goes beyond theoretical preparation and transcends even work.

We have reached the end, so we hope that you already have an idea of ​​how the whole student process works in Australia, and that you can better define your plans based on that.

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