Gojek Clone App – Launch Within a Week With Futuristic Features in Indonesia

gojek clone app

Gojek! The on-demand market has been taken over by just one word. Demand for Multiple Services Gojek is a well-liked programme among businessmen in addition to users. It makes sense that companies would want to introduce a Gojek-like app in Indonesia.

Learn About The Gojek Application

The best on-demand marketplace in Asia, Gojek Application started off with 20 drivers in Indonesia. You should be aware that on-demand multi-service apps have not yet become popular in countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Angola, or Bhutan if you’re thinking about releasing the app there.

Launch your Gojek Clone App that guarantee your business a desired monopoly in an on-demand market.

Creating On-demand Multi Services App Similar To Gojek

Gojek Clone App Development Company is offering a variety of services. The Multiservice App’s 82+ products will appeal to On-Demand Customers. The potential for launching Readymade Multiservices is enormous. Startup founders are interest in this All in One App Solution.

If you want to carve yourself a niche in the on-demand market, launch a Custom Go-Jek Clone. The code is identical to that of the official application. Due to the increased need for home-based on-demand services, creating a Super App offering newest features can help you beat out the competition in Indonesia.

Special Features Of Gojek Clone KingX 2022

Service Bid

Users shall post their job descriptions The Job Request will therefore be distribute to all handymen service providers who can assist you around the Service Location.

Professionals can now use in-app push notifications to submit their applications for the position. The Service Bidding feature is exclusive to the iOS and Android apps.

Online Video Consultation

Whether you have a toothache, need legal advice, or just want to find a tutor for your child, the Online Video Consultation of Gojek Clone KingX 2022 component might be useful.

Nowadays, you can do anything without ever leaving your house.

With just a few clicks, you can schedule online video consultations with professionals such as doctors, lawyers, professors, fitness instructors, and more. Using your Android and iOS smart devices, you can reschedule the meeting on a different day and time.

Biometric Logging Feature

It allows the Users to log into the app using their FACE ID and TOUCH ID thanks to smart login with biometric authentication. There is no need to remember Usernames or Passwords anymore.

OTP-based Authentication

It is the latest sign-in method that eliminates the need for users to remember their usernames and passwords.

In-app Video Calling

Users now have the option to video call service providers, thanks to this innovation. The In-App Voice Calling and Messaging capability is combine with this most recent addition.

Multi-languages and currencies

English and USD (American Dollar) are among the 25 languages and currencies supported by this all-in-one app Users can execute transactions using this functionality without worrying about currency conversion. The currency mode can be change so that users can conveniently switch it.

Multi services App

Buy Gojek Clone Script And Launch In 2 Weeks

To white-label a product, it takes time. The app must include the name and logo of your business. The rebranding also involves matching the colour palette of the logo to the user interface of the app. Next, local currencies must be connect to the payment gateway.

When most people conceive of an app, they only ever picture a single functional string of codes. Launch your Gojek Clone App that promotes efficient corporate operations in Indonesia.

Gojek Clone App Development Company is unmatch in its understanding of the on-demand industry’s characteristics. They have more than ten years of expertise in this field, so they are aware of what it takes to create a KingX 2022 Super App that is successful.

This app was develop by clone app development experts using cutting-edge technologies and the most recent features and functionalities.