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Starting a business in Dubai requires professional guidance and support from governmental agencies. The business market in Dubai requires countless approvals and fee submissions that can cause extreme confusion for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. The best option to simplify your business activities is by hiring business consultants Dubai.

Selecting consulting team is easy in Dubai but filtering the right firm is a tricky criterion for starters and some fundamental qualities indicate the best company formation consultants in Dubai. The business setup companies in Dubai plays a major role to get your business registration and license approvals, fraudulent deal with consultancy company may create some serious consequences for your firm’s future. 

Here are some key points to be taken seriously before picking the best business consultancy company in Dubai.

Things to consider before choosing business consultants Dubai

Professional Status

The most basic factor which indicates the level of professionalism of any business consultants Dubai can be judged through their skill set. You need to search their knowledge about business strategy formation and how much they are familiar with the Dubai market.

The experience to handle local sponsors and providing authentic details to their clients can be observed through their service policies. It is advisable to choose a business setup company in Dubai that is professionally expert while dealing with their customers.   

State of Knowledge 

The business consultants Dubai must act as a backbone for your startup. The registration procedure is just a pre-setup system but the real test for best company formation consultants in Dubai comes during the planning of business goals. They need to obtain advanced searching skills for providing you effective marketing plan and business model to give you an organized platform to run your business activities in Dubai.

You need to examine the business setup organization’s knowledge capability of creating business goals, financial statements and how much they have insight about rules or regulations concerning the business registration process.

Government network

Any business consultants Dubai can offer you license services but you need to detect their legal business network in UAE. High-level government partnerships are compulsory for professional company formation consultants in Dubai. They must have links with governmental bureaus who approve your license and registration applications.

The major governmental departments in Dubai are:

  • Dubai Chamber.
  • DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development).
  • Dubai Court.
  • Emirates Identity Authority.
  • Ministry of Interior and Labour.
  • DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre).

Any trustworthy business consultants Dubai has legitimate business relations with this mentioned list of governmental institutions that have full authority to get your desired license. The governmental certification can help you and your hired business consultancy firm to get details related to economical trends and national policies for your company setup. Government departments can create ease for your business procedures and expand connections with the local business sector.

License approval efficiency

The business type of your startup will show the right direction for applying and acquiring a legal permit in Dubai. The business consultants Dubai must have complete data about license terms and conditions. There are three basic business categories commercial, professional, and trading. Each business type has a unique paperwork and agreement system in Dubai. 

The license payment charges also vary and professional business setup companies in Dubai can provide you affordable license packages. You need to search about standard license dues and then compare them with desired business consultants in Dubai what they are offering. The cost-effective package providers are considered to be premium business consultancy service firms. The license application submission and approval take time to complete but respectable consultancy enterprises can deliver permits to your doorstep within days.

Finding an ideal location

The location for your startup can put a huge impact on your future business operations. There are two common areas in Dubai where you can do your business affairs. One is (Dubai mainland) the hub of all smart business activities and the other is free zone regions.

The mainland policies require local owners’ 51% of your company ownership deal and some approvals from DED. The free zone is a trade-friendly location with only DMCC approvals and no existence of local free agents. The best business setup companies in Dubai must have awareness about these location’s laws and how to establish your company within these areas.

The mainland businesses office for rent are available in the market and you need to discover the best business setup companies in Dubai to get you a fully furnished office. The free zone warehouse or business plant can be built with the support of business consultants Dubai.

Bank account and VISA processing

If any business consultants Dubai cannot offer you VISA or legal bank account then they are not suitable for your startup. You need to find those business consultants who are presenting VISA for business co-workers and partners. The bank account opening without any lengthy procedure is a good sign of company consultants in Dubai.


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