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They are big as you’ll probably imagine so together combined, they have over a Billion Dollars of revenue between these four companies so they’re massive they employ hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people across these four firs and they hire new peoples every day.

 You Know peoples are their biggest assets so they need to hire so many of them all the time and that’s why it’s so interesting for us a big four career lab to help people do this and get to the next level in their lives.

 But why is it specially about these firms that makes them so good so first off what are the big four professional services firms now.

 they started the roots of these firms started hundreds of years ago. Firms started hundreds of years ago. Probably 150 years ago for the first ones and there was a lot of accounting firms in the world and they all start joining together because they realized that that’s how they could get in a competitive advantage particularly as the world stopped working in that way as globalization took place and so what happened was all these firms start coming together hundreds of different firms.

Slowly but surely until today when there’s only four of them left of these massive consulting firms and obviously there’s a lot of smaller accounting firms but these guys are the one that take everything so looking at the list:

  • PwC
  • EY
  • KPMG


I wrote this list in this way because this is the order in which the firms set it within the big four now even if we look at KPMG which is the smallest still has well over fifteen billion dollars of revenue to itself.

That’s three times bigger than the next competitor which is BDO. Which is the fifth largest professional services firm in the world and that’s why they called the big fur because they’re so much bigger than all these other companies.


When we look at Deloitte, they are miles of the scale. They are so much bigger than all these other firms and DOE.


PwC always vie for these top two positions now Deloitte is the biggest in terms of people employed also in terms that revenue as well their revenues Hug. PwC is actually second in terms of revenue but third in terms of people. Lot of people don’t realize that but that’s actually good for PwC because one of the big factors of a six what company is revenue per employee. PwC’s is a lot higher than the other.


EY is third in terms of revenue second in terms of the number of people employed and poor KPMG at the bottom is fourth in off but you know wouldn’t you rather be fourth Alva big four rather than somewhere else down the list.

That’s who they are but what do they exactly do now people know their accounting phones right. They do lot f accounting but the interesting thing is they’re counting in the lot of these firms isn’t even the biggest thing they do. For Deloitte its consulting. Their consulting practice is the biggest thing that they do.

EY is a hug tax practice which is almost as big as their audit practice. They do a lot of other things as well but for a lot of people you know even if they know about counting, they often know about tax. They often know about tax they often know about advisory and consulting. But its all the little niche areas that they also do. Did you know Deloitte has film studios? If you look up Deloitte digital, you’ll see that did you know PwC is massive in real estate.

They have so many other opportunities just outside of accounting and tax and all the standard ones you think of so, if you’re working

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