apache spark

Apache Spark: definition and functions

Compared to predecessors such as Hadoop or competitors such as PySpark, Apache Spark is characterized by impressively fast performance, one of the most important aspects when querying, processing and analyzing large amounts of data. As a big data and In Memory analytics framework, Spark offers numerous benefits for data analytics, machine learning, data streaming, and…

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software developer metrics

Metrics for software development: Know which ones are most relevant.

One of the most practical ways to measure the productivity of custom applications is to manage metrics for software development that allow controlling its creation and implementation. For organizations, these KPIs allow a more complete understanding of the progress in the development of their applications. The use of Agile methodologies offers added value in measuring…

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test automation services

How Exploratory Testing Enhances Software Quality

Exploratory testing allows testers to use any approach to test the software. It allows the development team to employ their creativity, personal learning, skills and knowledge for testing the software applications. Also, it verifies the functionality of the applications and identifies any functional issues. The very purpose of the exploratory testing technique is to streamline…

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