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Photography is a great profession. From time to time, most people hire a photographer for different occasions. And no one wishes to get their work done by any unprofessional photographer. Are you also one of those?

If so, just read this article, and I will tell you about the best photographer in India. His work is mind-blowing, and he is an idol of many. Any guesses about who he is? He is Nitin Rai, the person whose work is recognized nationally and internationally.

Nitin Rai is a multi-genre praised photographer recognized at even the international level. He has 30+ years of work experience in the field of photography. He honed his skills and gained experience in different genres during his journey.

He started his career as a photojournalist for Sunday Magazine.

For which Genres of photography Nitin Rai recognized?

He is the best photographer in India, recognized mainly for his work in five genres. Those are –

  • Documentary photography (art dedicated to photographing people, places or events.
  • Fashion photography (art dedicated to presenting clothes and other fashion items).
  • Conceptual photography (style of photography devoted to expressing ideas or concepts via photographs).
  • Real Estate photography (dedicated to representing any property in the best possible way).
  • Interior photography (the genre of photography dedicated to clicking photos of indoor areas).

These are five primary genres he specializes in. Although if you want to hire him for another niche, you can try that too.

Why should you prefer Nitin Rai?

You should prefer him because he possesses all the necessary skills to be the best photographer. He very well knows how to make his clients satisfied with his art. His work is mind-blowing; to get an idea of that, you can visit his official website.

There, he uploaded some of his work. Besides he was also hired by reputed organizations. And as we all know, reputed brands only hire highly skilled professionals.

So now, you can imagine how great he and his art is. On top of all this, many of his works are featured in magazines like Time Magazine, Der Spiegel, Stern, the Sunday etc.

Nitin Rai’s top qualities

Now, let’s know some of the top skills he possesses as a photographer –

Artistic skills

He is creative, or you can say artsy. He very well understands the composition and exposure control in his photos. Because of this skill, the placement of visuals, lightness and darkness, etc., is perfect in his work.

Technical skills

Photos are clicked via camera, so a photographer must also be skilled in technical skills. He should know how to remain creative and handle the camera flawlessly. A solid balance between both these is necessary.

Communication Skills

Understanding what the client wants is the first thing that everyone should know. If a photographer doesn’t know what the clients need, he won’t be able to satisfy them. So understanding the needs is essential.

Besides, asking the right questions, working under pressure, meeting deadlines, etc., are other skills that a professional photographer should have.

Attention to details

Without paying attention to details, it won’t be easy to click the best picture. Not only clicking but editing will also become challenging.

Suppose if there is an “x” mistake in a photo, the photographer should be efficient enough to find it and correct it. Without finding, will he be able to make it perfect? That’s why this skill is crucial in the photography field.


Sometimes, working for long hours during days or weekends in different climatic conditions becomes necessary. So being adaptable proves beneficial in the photography career.

These are some of the top skills that the best photographer in India, Mr Nitin Rai, possesses. He is adaptable, has an eye for details, and has technical and artistic skills. While looking at his work, you will get an idea of all his skills.

Nitin Rai’s work experience –

Some of the top assignments he has worked on are –

  • Led a team of photographers to provide the best images to clients.
  • Photo editor with ASIA TIMES.
  • Worked with Sunday Magazine for around eight years and covered various stories across India.
  • Covered Babri Masjid demolition, which was also featured on the cover of Time Magazine.
  • Photographed Indian soldiers during Kargil War at zoji la pass
  • Photographed earthquake in Gujarat in 2000.
  • Worked with Rohit Khosla to photograph his designs.
  • Photographed Miss India models.

The top clients he has worked with are –

  • Aditya Birla Group Temples, EMMAR MGF group,
  • DLF group – Emporio mall, promenade mall, dlf place mall saket, mega mall, etc.
  • Oswal Industries,
  • Bhartia Industries,
  • Rohit Khosla.

Final Words –

Nitin Rai is undoubtedly the best photographer in India. He never misses deadlines and gives his best to every assignment. He possesses all the essential qualities of being an adorable photographer. Getting your work done by him is really a proud thing. If you are also interested in getting your work done by him, you can contact him via his official website without reconsidering.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.