Zulzi Clone App Makes Your Cooking For Weight Loss Much Easier

zulzi clone app

Weight loss using Zulzi Clone App? Wait What? Are you kidding how come an on-demand grocery delivery app can help lose weight? Yes, it is very much possible. Ditch the typical online grocery delivery pattern and provide something new building Zulzi Clone App.

Zulzi Clone App Can Help Eat Healthily

If you are looking for an opportunity to enter an online grocery shopping and delivery solution, Zulzi is the way. The app is already a fame name. All you have to do is tweak the feature a little to make it unique and get instant fame. How? You need to show that your Zulzi Clone App can help eat healthily and lose weight by:

Making nutritional meal prep easier

The on-demand grocery delivery app, allows the user to create a shopping list comprising healthy grocery items. It makes it easier to search for the groceries from the search bar and add them to the cart.

Thus, providing all the things on-demand make it easier to prepare healthy meals. Moreover, the users can buy the “Healthy Meal Recipes” from the app that allows them to watch their calories, thus maintaining their weight.

Helps with weight loss

Launch Zulzi Clone App with a unique proposition. To make it look different and not a typical grocery delivery app, emphasize having groceries that aids weight loss. Consumers will have healthy food choices to shop from thus, boost your revenues.

 If you are building a marketplace app have a variety of grocers that are selling groceries that helps in weight loss.

Shipt Grocery Delivery clone script

No impulse buying

You are in a way helping users to save from impulse buying. The unhealthy food items that they toss in the cart because everything looks so delicious can be eliminated when shopped through Zulzi Clone App.

More time for exercise/workouts

Often we complain that most of our time is spent on household chores and grocery shopping. Thus we do not get time to hit the gym. Well, the good news is Zulzi clone app allows users to make healthy food choices thus saving their time. The groceries are delivered to the doorstep. So no more excuses for not getting time for exercise now.

Added Benefits Of Creating An On-demand Grocery Delivery App like Zulzi?

Governments across the globe are recommending minimizing the errands during the Pandemic. This way building an on-demand delivery app like Zulzi reduces virus transmission as people won’t be visiting the stores. Thus, protecting both public’s health and individuality. 

Zulzi Clone App can beneficial for:

  • People that are disabled, thus making it uncomfortable for them to visit the store.
  • People will weak immune system who can catch cough and cold easily should avoid going to the store and use Zulzi Clone App
  • People have a social anxiety disorder, or experiences stress disorder, having mental health condition should benefit from using on demand grocery delivery app. As it avoids gathering and crowd that makes people suffocated. 
  • Women who are pregnant or have given birth or those who have undergone some kind of surgery make it easy to use an online grocery delivery app. 
  • The online grocery app solution is an excellent choice for busy parents or caregivers.

Zulzi Clone App Integrated With New Version Features

Store wise commission

The feature enables the Admin to keep different commissions. For example, the store that generates more deliveries can provide you with an increased commission as the inflow is more compared to those stores that are not doing so great.

Order cancellation option

The store delivery drivers can opt to cancel the delivery if they are unable to carry on due to unforeseen reasons.

Item name searching

The feature works like an auto-complete. This provides a quick search to the user when they type in the grocery product name.

Day wise separate time slots

For countries like Dubai, their weekends start on Thursday and end on Saturday. So obviously they have different business operations during weekdays and weekends. Thus, the feature enables Admin to keep the time slots and days accordingly.

Voice instruction for a delivery driver

The feature enables the user to send a voice instruction for the delivery driver if there is something specific to mention.

In Conclusion

To make your Zulzi Clone App unique integrate the above-mentioned features. Furthermore, incorporating healthy grocery products will not only increases your customer base but generate more profits. The on-demand grocery delivery app will get fame for offering nutritional grocery products.

Hire an on-demand app development company offering a white-label customize solution. Moreover, the company will provide you with after-sales support for a year. So, don’t wait, connect with a reliable app development company in India and get your Zulzi Clone App launch in in just a week.

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