Zip Line Kits: 5 Amazing Fast Facts

zip line kits

Ziplining is a daring challenge, not anyone wants to go for it! Here we have 5 amazing and fun facts for you which are about this adrenaline rushing activity. It was in the early times and phase of Ancient China that zip wires were used in the Nujiang Valley of Yunnan Province to cross the mountains, rivers, and also valleys. Now, these zip wires have taken an advanced form and popularly termed and called zip line kits. If you want to become the part of such adrenaline rushing activity, then make sure you have the correct, reliable and top quality zip line kit in your hands. 

Furthermore, the purpose of using these zip wires was is to safely and securely cross the mountains and rivers. 

You can use them for fun purposes as well. Below we have pen down some of the interesting facts about them, do check them out.

Fact 1

North Carolina is marked and identified as a state which has the most ziplines. On the other hand, the Tarheel state comprises almost 24 commercial ziplines. 

Now, that sounds much exciting and full of fun. If you love doing such an adventurous activity, then be in North Carolina and do ziplining.

Fact 2

It is observed that almost and approximately 72 countries and 6 continents have commercial ziplines. 

From this interesting fact and stat, we can conclude and come on this point that how far and extensively popular this activity coming out to be!

Fact 3

The record of going down in a single zipline in just a one-hour time frame was achieved and made by ACE adventure resort. They are part of West Virginia. 

Moreover, this record was made on June 3, 2012. 183 people managed to go down in a single and solo zipline in only 1 hour.

Fact 4

It is believed that you can travel internationally all on ziplines. This is possible! One must know that the Limite Zero Zipline actually crosses the Guadiana River right from Spain to Portugal. 

If you have experienced such international traveling upon pursuing ziplining, then do share your views and feedback with us.

Fact 5

Revenues generated by ziplines are pretty much high. It is observed that Ziplines in Costa Rica, generate and approximately make $120 million revenue on an annual basis. 

The other fact which may sound interesting to you, it is that in New Zealand and Australia, this zipline is popularly known and called with the name of “fly fox.”

Other facts on Ziplines

Ziplines are at times called with the name of Zippy’s. In some countries, they are called zip wires and aerial runways. 

Some people call them aerial rope slides and Tyrolean traverses. And in a few of the countries, they are called and marked as canopy tours.

Hongdae village children in China, they commonly make use of a zipline so that they can cross a 460-foot deep and also 260-foot wide gorge. This is done so that kids can easily travel to and from school.


We are sure that all these fun and interesting facts on ziplines will convince you to make a visit to Zipline attractions. A lot of Zipline attractions are present and there in different parts of the world. Visit them and enjoy this activity. 

The minute you jump and be on the zipline, you enjoy and get mesmerized by a different source and magic of scenery. 

Moreover, people do it for the sake of excitement and also a fun experience. If you know some other surprising facts about ziplining, then do share with us.

This is a unique, safe, full of fun and excitement product for your child. You can place and install these zipline kits at your backyard area as well. 

We guarantee you that your kids are going to have endless hours of fun. Happy Zipping to all of you. Stay tuned and in touch with us, more details on other adrenaline rushing activities are coming up.

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