Top 7 YouTube video makers for beginners and professionals

youtube video makers

As we know, YouTube is the hottest video sharing platform. Millions of people sharing their content every day. The experienced YouTuber will find that suitable video editing software is indispensable. There is a lot of video editing software on the web, but each has its areas. Here we summed up 7 YouTube video makers. Both beginners and professionals can find the right choice.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing gadget that comes with Windows and has been around since Windows XP.

Its function is simple, you can combine the lens, sound, and add the special effects of lens switching, as long as you drag the lens clip into it. It’s very suitable for home after some small-scale processing. In the Windows 10 version, Microsoft canceled the separate Windows Movie Maker. It is merged into Windows Photos, though most of the features have been retained.


iMovie, a video editing program written by Apple, is part of the iLife application suite on the Macintosh. It allows users to edit their home movies. What makes it unique is the built-in theme templates and guides. You can do well by following the step-by-step wizard. Of course, you must have an Apple computer at first.

YouTube Movie Maker

YouTube Movie Maker is a specially optimized video editing software for YouTube. The idea is to let users do all the work more efficiently. With it, you can create, edit, make, upload, manage, and promote YouTube videos in one software.

YouTube Movie Maker has built-in features for making videos, such as text effects, background music, video splitting or compositing, color adjustments, transition effects, 3d effects, particle effects, and more. YouTube Movie Maker has many border shapes, special effects, and add-ons that are often used in video making. Therefore, it is easier to operate. Also, it supports lyrics video, draws graffiti, and green screen. These are very useful for some specific types of video.

Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is also a PC entry-level video editing software. It contains

editing, special effects, compositing, streaming, and other functions. Vegas interface is more intuitive, easy to use, learning threshold than AE. Its efficient operation allows users to create rich and varied film content easily. The disadvantage is that it is not stable enough and can cause unexpected errors in rendering.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro was remade by apple, breaking the limits of the old Timeline. The new dynamic editing interface allows you to experiment as much as you want, while also enjoying the fast and precise experience. The Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro has a clean interface and powerful professional tools that are only available when you need them. It makes the editing process very fluid and flexible. It can be said that the software is easier to use after the revision. It also more suitable for the rapid production of professional results.

Adobe Premiere

Premiere Pro is an essential video editing tool for video editing enthusiasts and professionals. It can enhance your creative ability and creative freedom. It’s easy to learn, efficient, accurate video editing software. Premiere offers a whole process of capture, editing, color mixing, audio beautification, subtitle addition, output, and efficient integration with other Adobe software. It allows you to accomplish all of the challenges of editing, production, and workflow.  It can meet your requirements for creating high-quality works. PR has become a standard editing software in the film and television industry.

Adobe After Effect

Adobe After Effects is a graphic video processing software developed by Adobe for organizations that design and perform video effects, including television, animation production companies, and multimedia studios. Well, technically, it is the representative of post-production software. If you’ve used Photoshop, it will help you get started with it quickly. One of its clear advantages is that AE has a lot of third-party templates. You can buy and simply replace it with photos or videos to create cool effects.

Final Words

If you have no experience or only a simple YouTube video production experience, you can choose iMovie, YouTube Movie Maker, Sony Vegas. They have a common feature, that is, many complex functions have been simplified to modules. They are really easy to use. They make the entire software interface clear and simple. Users only need to follow the software wizard-like order operation, can easily complete from video acquisition, editing, and output of a series of complex processes.

If your goal is to have professional video production skills, try Final Cut Pro x and Adobe After Effect. They are more powerful and flexible. Some special needs can be easily fulfilled, and there are many tutorials and resources on the web.

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