YouTube Marketing – How to level-up your SEO game in 2020?

youtube marketing

If getting popular through YouTube Marketing and SEO Services is a puzzle to you, you’re at the right place. Looking at the most-viewed channels and videos on YouTube, it can be simple to put a fortune down to the actuality that the channel is already well-grown, has lots of subscribers, and ranks higher on SERPs of Google. But every YouTuber starts with ZERO views and ZERO subscribers. Yes, you heard it right, EVERY SINGLE ONE. So, how do you think one video gained millions of views, while another video about the same idea barely reached ten people?

The answer is not tricky or strange; It’s YouTube SEO!

If you want people to notice your videos, then without any doubt, you need to optimize them. And especially today, in this digitized era where new creators are joining YouTube every other second, it is essential to join the bandwagon. In our years of experience being a Digital Marketing Company, we’ve evaluated that by the end of 2020, around 90% of the marketers will use YouTube Marketing as their go-to Digital Media Marketing tool. And this won’t be a blow if we said that 568,000 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day; Staggering, isn’t it? 

The catch here is to not get discouraged because it is possible to rank higher on YouTube; You just need to understand how, and this article is all about it. So let’s delve further and discover some surefire ways to rank higher on YouTube in 2020 – All with the power of SEO Services in Chicago.

Focus Keyword is the KEY

Whether you’ve previously posted your videos to YouTube, or you haven’t even touched the RECORD button yet, begin planning your Keywords because they improve ranking. Imagine yourself watching a long-forgotten YouTube video and trying to pinpoint the subject of it. Looking at it with an eye of a marketer, you’d ask – What’s the focus keyword of this video?

Considering this, for future videos, begin with choosing a focus keyword. And for this, use a keyword research tool that helps you find the most popular keywords. Here’s a snapshot of the result we got when we searched for the keyword YouTube Hacks;

Optimized Titles and Descriptions

Once you’ve picked on your keyword, use it to optimize your video in several ways to improve ranking. One of the easiest ways to do this is by incorporating the keyword in your title. However, with hours of videos being uploaded every minute, a keyword alone doesn’t work wonders. It needs the back of an eye-catchy title. Precisely, the title should speak – CLICK ME!

Besides optimizing your titles, the descriptions need your utmost attention too. So, while your main focus is catching the audience’s eye, go a bit more in-depth when it comes to descriptions. Considering that YouTube displays the initial 125 characters of descriptions, we suggest you remember these points while you write a description; 

  • Incorporate Keywords
  • Unique writing is the key
  • Insert your website URL

Combine the right Tags

After including your keywords in your title and description, you also need to add them to the Tags section. However, that’s only for the reference of YouTube; your audience won’t see them. Hence, feel free to add as many variations as possible.

Create Backlinks

Link building is an influential ranking factor for videos. If you’re familiar with the concept of optimizing a website for Google, you must be familiar with the algorithm. YouTube works the same way; Google counts a video’s backlinks to determine how valuable its content is.

Hence, to increase your backlinks, make sure that you re-post your video on various platforms; We’d suggest taking some help from Social Media Marketing Services for that reason.

Encourage Engagement

Ever noticed that every YouTube Marketing Services video ends with – Hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE to our channel?

The reason behind this is that the engagement you get from both affects your SEO Services in Lahoreby sending signals to YouTube that the audience liked this video. So, begin with showing more of your content to your target audience and earn some engagement because that’s one effective way to rank higher.


YouTube is a competing place to share your content because there are millions of people visiting it every minute. However, while the competition can become off-putting at times, you just need to focus on ways that can rank YOU higher by improving your Search Engine Optimization Services. However, if you’re struggling to get your path of YouTube Marketing in Chicago and YouTube Advertising straight, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services – We’re a Digital Marketing Agency serving digital solutions that help brands grow.

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