Master Guide On Research Paper Writing

Research papers are considered the perfect source of improving students’ knowledge on a specific subject. You can enhance your knowledge and take your understanding of a particular subject to the next level.

If you are a student, you cannot run away from writing a research paper. No matter what subject you are studying at the university, you will have to complete a research task at some point.

You do not need to panic when you hear about a research paper assignment because they are not that different from academic essays. Nevertheless, they are longer as compared to general essays that students are asked to write throughout their academic term.

research paper writing

Most students hate the research work since it requires them to research and write. However, things can become smooth if you stay highly organized and committed. In fact, you can turn this tedious-looking task into a fun activity.

Proper guidance can help you complete a research paper without making blunders. This article will assist you in writing an influential research paper that can help you secure better grades. Follow the below steps and thank me later.

Steps To Writing a Research Paper

Follow the below steps to write an influential research paper.

Start by understanding your assignment

It all begins with creating a good understanding of your assignment. One of the biggest mistakes that most students make is that they rush to start working on a research paper without understanding the instructions and requirements. 

You will not accomplish it if you take a terrible start. Therefore, before you get started, ensure to check the list of instructions provided by the professor.

  • Read through the requirements and get clarification on points that you find confusing
  • Make sure you recognize the formatting requirements, deadline, objective, word count, and the submission method
  • Create a checklist and keep crossing lists as they get completed

If the instructor has already specified the total number of words, make sure you stay within that limit. A few word-processing programs might not let you track the word length. If that’s the case, you can use a word count tool to see how many words you have written.

Select a topic of your research paper

Choosing a good topic for your research paper is mandatory because you cannot move on until you have a great starting point. There are many ways through which you can come up with an extraordinary topic. However, you have to spend time researching a suitable theme.

Make sure you give enough time to topic selection so that you won’t have to regret your topic selection later. There could be instances when your professor provides a topic while providing the rest of the instructions, such as formatting style and word limit.

On the other hand, you will have to decide on the topic on your own. Do not get panic if you can’t think of a topic. Take a broad subject and then narrow it down to find a topic that interests you the most. Make sure the topic you end up choosing after brainstorming is original.

Begin the research work

Once you have chosen the topic, it’s time to start the research. Start Googling the topic, and you should be able to see all the hot searches related to your topic. Note them down so that you can discuss them while writing your fantastic research paper.

Do not push yourself to just a couple of sources. Take advantage of all the research materials available to you. For instance, you can use books, audiotapes, articles, and documents in your college library. Consult librarians at a public or university library because they can best assist you with the acquisition of correct materials.

Try going the extra mile and think out of the box. See what points have not already been discussed by other people. Figure out what important sections have been missed out. Take note of the recent developments because most of the previous studies must not include these recent changes.

Make sure you take note of the references and citations because they play a key role in making your efforts look valid. If you use data from recent developments, make sure to cite properly so that readers do not doubt the credibility of your content.

Come up with an exciting thesis statement

One of the best and brief ways to describe a thesis statement is to portray your central argument concisely. If you have started the research paper with any specific research query, a good thesis statement should answer that.

According to academic experts, one or a maximum of two sentences should be enough to summarize the argument. You can feel free to mention claims that need further explanation. However, make sure that the thesis statement remains clear, concise, and argumentative.

A few students might be a little bit nervous while choosing a thesis statement. However, you do not have to be worried in this regard since you can always change the thesis statement as you further present your research. It can always be altered when you feel that some changes are required, according to the discussion.

Make a structure

When I talk about creating a structure, it doesn’t mean you should have to be picky about that. That is all about making a rough outline that you can follow while writing the research paper. It is to ensure that you do not miss out on important points. 

A good outline may contain a list of arguments, key sections, and evidence. These can be divided into suitable headings so that you can expand on those points without losing your focus. 

An outline boosts your confidence since you already know what is going to be discussed in a research paper. You just have to fill the headings and push things near to completion. In fact, it makes the writing process much easier.

Create the first draft

Do not worry about potential mistakes because they always come along the way. Start writing your first draft with an open mind and forget about the errors. You will have plenty of time to correct them later. It means you will not have to encounter any problem while polishing the content in the next step.

Now, your core focus should be writing the first draft using the research you have performed about the topic.

Make sure you take care of the logical order of text, sentences, and paragraphs. If you do so, you will have very little work remaining during the next step. Do not compromise on writing clearly, and make sure your target audience understands every bit of the information that you share with them through your research paper.

Once you have the outline ready, you do not always have to begin with the introduction. You can start writing where you feel comfortable. For instance, you can write the body first so that you can generate a better concept for the introduction and conclusion.

In my opinion, you should start with headings that look easiest. They will help you boost your confidence to complete the rest of the writing work flawlessly.

Construct good paragraphs

Paragraphs are essential parts of a research paper. That’s the reason they have to be well-constructed, no matter what topic you have selected. One of the best practices is to keep your paragraphs distinct but still connected. Try to write each paragraph discussing a different aspect of the claim. In this way, you will save yourself from mixing things up.

Give citations and references

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited when it comes to submitting academic assignments like a research paper. If you want to avoid being accused of plagiarism, then you have to take care of the citations and references. They are essential to establish the strong credibility of your research work. If you cite no sources, your work will not be considered authentic by the majority of readers. 

Write an interesting intro

The introduction of your research paper should be interesting so that it can set the stage for the rest of the write-up. If you can hook your readers here, you can keep them engaged till the end. One of the best ways is to include interrogative words such as how, why, when, and what.

For example, you can tell your readers what you are going to discuss, what is the reason behind the discussion, why this research paper is worth reading, and how it can impact readers’ lives. 

Write impressive body text

The body is where most writers have to struggle a bit because it is the most detailed part of research paper writing. You have to be slightly careful while writing the body text. However, if you have already written the outline, then you should not be facing any big trouble. Just fill the headings with relevant text. 

Make sure the text of the body is not contradictory to what you have mentioned in the introduction or the thesis statement. Things have to be coherent to make readers feel that they are reading good stuff.

Write a good conclusion

This is where you close your writing with a good conclusion. A common mistake that most students make unknowingly is to start a new discussion here, which is an absolutely wrong practice. The conclusion should summarize everything that you have discussed above. You should disclose your writing decently by summing up the topic under discussion. 

Try not to prolong the conclusion. Keep it brief and relevant so that readers can leave your write-up with a final thought in mind. Don’t leave them in the middle of the way by writing vague statements at the end. This is how you can leave a nice impact on the target audience.