Best 5 World’s Expensive Car Collection – Best Points To Know Them

premium car

Premium Car, Expensive Car, Fastest Car, Super Car- when these things come to mind, we think of seeing. Most of us are unable to afford these cars, which are worth millions of dollars. 

But there are a few people in the world who have not one, not two, but many of these cars.

Let’s find out.

5. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani

Mukesh Ambani lives in Mumbai, India. He is the second richest man in Asia and the 11th in the world. He owns Reliance Industries Limited, which is an Indian multinational conglomerate company. Premium car collection is one of his passion.

Net Worth: $94.1 Billion

Car Collection:

There are a total of 170+ cars in Mukesh Ambani’s collection.

Mukesh Ambani has Rolls Royce Cullinan, BMW 760 Li, Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard, Lamborghini Urus, Land Rover Range Rover, Bentley Bentayga, Maserati Levante, Aston Martin Rapide, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Tesla Model S.

The Mercedes-Benz S600 has VR10 level protection in it. This car can bear steel bullets. A 15 kg TNT blast from 2 meters cannot make a scratch. Ambani’s cars are the most premium collection.

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4. Ken Lingenfelter

The Lingenfelter engineer, Ken Ling, is an expensive car collector. He has a 40,000-square-foot garage in Michigan for his cars. The garage has artificial weather to protect the car engines from extreme winter.

Net Worth: Around $6 Billion

Car Collection:

There are a total of 250+ cars in Ken Ling’s collection.

Ken Ling has a rare and amazing collection of different cars. In 1977, he brought his first Corvette. After that, the list goes on. There are Corvettes, Bugatti, Mustangs, Porsche, and many other cars exist. He says that ‘he can’t stop himself from buying cars.

3. Jay Leno

Jay Leno is a famous talk show host. You must have heard about his Tonight Show. His premium car collection is different from other collectors. His car collection is worth $52 million.

Net Worth: $600 Million.

Car Collection: 

There are more than 200 cars in his collection. This man has a car collection that is worth watching. 

Jay Leno has a 1909 Baker Electric, a 1909 Stanley Streamer, a 1931 8-litre Bently, a 1934 Phantom II (which is from Rolls Royce), a 1925 Hispano-Suiza and a 1927 Duesenberg Model X. 

He has a total of 22 steam-powered vehicles, which are rarest. And also, he has 25 classic cars. 

2. Sheikh Hanad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

Sheikh Al Nahyan, or the Rainbow Sheikh, is a billionaire. He is from Abu Dhabi and is famous for his premium car collection. He is a public supporter of LGBTQ rights. He has seven Mercedes S-classes, which are all different colours. This is why he is called Rainbow Sheikh.

Net Worth: $20 Billion.

Car Collection: 

There are more than 200 cars in his collection.

Al Nahyan has customized trucks, functional toy cars and buggy cars. He has a place to park his car, and the place looks like a pyramid. He has more than 200 cars, but none of those is super cars. 

He has a Giant Texaco Tanker, Jeep Rangler, Super Charged Lamborghini, Ramstang, Pink Mercedes, Moon Buggy, Monster Mercedes, and Jeep Wrangler Giant Spider. Rainbow Mercedes S Collection, Eight Wheel Nishan Petrol, Mercedes 500 Wolving etc. 

There is a jeep in his collection, which is 21 feet and fully functional. And also, there is a 1950 Dodge Power Wagon, which is eight-time larger than the real power wagon.

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Special Mention.

Before going to number 1, here are some interesting premium car collections.

  • Hip-hop star Wyclef Jean and Pink Floyd Drummer Nick Mason have a very interesting passion for collecting cars. They both have more than 40 cars in their collection. 

Wyclef Jean is fond of collecting Italian cars in his collection. He has McLaren FI, Italian Pagani, Ferrari, Humvee and Cadillac. He has also customized a hummer.

Nick Mason also has a preference for Italian super sports cars. Some of those are Bugatti T35, Ferrari 213 T3, Aston Martin LM18, McLaren F1, 23M-pound Ferrari 250GTO and Porsche 962.

  • Ralph Lauren is not only famous for his ‘Polo’ shirt, but he is also a premium car collector. He loves to exhibit his cars. Moreover, he loves to be his cars speedy, beautiful and stylish.

He has a collection of Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s, Bently’s, Mercedes, Alfa Romero Roadster’s, Jaguar’s, and McLaren F1. 98% of his cars are red.

  • Jason Luiz Cheetham, also known as Jay Kay, is passionate about collecting expensive cars. He has more than 70 cars in his premium collection. 

He has a collection of Porsche’s, Rolls Royce’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, and Bugatti’s. Some of his notable collections are Aston Martin, Maserati, Chevy and Coco Chanel’s Mercedes 600.

  • A man from Russia has the best car collection in this area. The Lomakov family has a museum of cars, and Dmitry Lomakov is the current owner of it.

He has some rare cars like the 1914 Peugeot Motorcycle and the 1977 Chakya GAZ-13. Also, he owns Hitler’s Mercedes Benz.

  • The Lotus F1 team’s chairman Gerard Lopez is fond of cars. He has vintage cars, muscle cars and also racing cars. 

Now the number ONE car collection in the world.

1. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah is the Sultan of Brunei. He has the largest royal palace which has gold and diamond-covered bathrooms. It is only possible for him to buy so many cars.

Net Worth: $20 Billion.

Car Collection:

He has a total number of 7000 cars in his collection.

He has 209 BMWs, 452 Ferraris, 574 Mercedes Benz, 179 Jaguars, 134 Koenigseggs, 382 Bentleys. Also, there are Lamborghinis, SSC, Aston Martins, and Cicero BDB Maestro, and the list is never-ending.

His notable cars are Ferrari Mythos, Bently Java, Pinin farina jaguar, 4×4 Dominator, Porsche Carma and Koenigsegg Agera CC GT.