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Over time, the business world changes its shapes, and businesses find new areas and ways to establish themselves. As technology started evolving in every sector and started benefitting them, the business world also changes with technology. Technology has introduced new ways of expanding as well as establishing a business to generate revenue. In this context, E-commerce or E-business is perfect to understand and describe the involvement of technology in the industry and new ways of doing business. In this regard, WooCommerce and Shopify are the best platforms for e-commerce. Both of them are ruling the e-commerce world right now.At this point, two questions arise in your mind.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform on WordPress. It helps merchants and entrepreneurs to create their stores with the help of WordPress. The online store or e-commerce store comes into function by utilizing the primary operating system of WordPress. WooCommerce is the most popular and successful platform for e-commerce stores in the world. The benefits and advantages of WooCommerce include that it is free of cost WordPress plugin from which anyone can make, sell, and create an online store. The complete control and customization are in the hand of the merchant or online store owner. But it would help if you had to learn a little about WordPress. Along with that, you have to manage and everything by yourself.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the software that allows merchants to sell their products and to set up their online store. Shopify is also that software that facilitates e-commerce. Shopify, like other e-commerce websites, helps people who have a dream of launching their business quickly. Even if your store has any physical presence other than online, you can also share its address on Shopify with the Shopify point of sale app’s help. If you are using the platform of Shopify, then you have to pay a whole lump sum fair amount monthly only not any other price except that. You can extend your website with the help of thousands of app. Also, Shopify manages all your hosting and security.

A comparison between WooCommerce and Shopify:

Here we present you a comparison betweenWooCommerce and Shopify, the two giants of e-commerce who claim to be the most powerful and popular e-commerce websites, to see which one out of both is more effective and efficient. And is more beneficial for people.


In the online store and e-commerce, your website’s design plays a vital and most crucial role. Customers are only attracted to your website when they are perfectly and aesthetically designed. If we take a look at the designs and themes of Shopify, we found that it looks perfectly outstanding and extraordinary. Shopify has more than fifty-four different temples for your store. Among those, 54 templets are free of cost. The themes are so innovative and unique. The premium prices on the theme of Shopify with excellent designs can go higher to 180 dollars, but there are some accessible designs too. Also, you can easily make changes in the themes, like changing their style or colour.

If we talk about WooCommerce, we found that the developers of WooThemes are also the creators of the WooCommerce plugin, so it does not give you any specific design of its own. It is entirely your choice that either you want to do with the themes of WordPress or want to work with WooCommerce. Even you can select any theme from the s-ec5a3 designs that are only for WooCommerce. You have so many multiple options while choosing your theme for your WooCommerce store. Unlike Shopify, where you have limited opportunity to select theme, you have tons of choice for your theme related to your industry.


Another factor that web admins must keep in the account is the price. And if we take a look at both giants’ pricing strategies, we see a difference in their proving approach. Although WooCommerce is a free plugin, WordPress is free too, but when you use WooCommerce store for your e-commerce activities, you have to pay the price for everything. For an online store setup, you have to pay the additional cost for the theme, your domain name, hosting SSL extension, and on every other extension. Whereas in Shopify, you pay a monthly fee and get your new e-store. Everything, including hosting and theme, is included in it. If we compare both WooCommerce and Shopify’s prices, we see that both e-commerce store costs are identical. Still, in WooCommerce, you have to pay an additional fee for every other extension, which makes it more costly than Shopify.


Features everywhere and of everything matters a lot.

  • Shopify is a subscription-based service, whereas WooCommerce is a free plugin of WordPress but requires installation for several tasks.
  • On both e-commerce stores, you can sell anything you want. There are no boundaries for the merchant.
  • On Shopify, you can sell your product online as well as offline by the point of sale option where you share your physical location. But WooCommerce is the only e-commerce store you can sell your products online only.
  • Shopify is a closed platform where you are allowed to make only minor or few modifications in your store. WooCommerce will enable you to make as many modifications as you want. There is no limit to the change. The merchant is free to modify their stores.
  • Shopify controls your store data, as well as your website data. But in WooCommerce, you have complete control over your website and store data.


From the above comparative analysis of WooCommerce and Shopify, we can conclude that both websites facilitate your e-commerce store. Several features like modification, themes, and data WooCommerce gave free hands to its customer. Shopify bound them, but in price factor, Shopify is more helpful for the people than WooCommerce. All the merchants should take into account the features that matter a lot for them. For example, there are several businesses where this price factor can be ignored for other advantages. No doubt both websites will help you in creating your online store and e-commerce business.

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