The world of fashion had a quiet year in 2020, but designers have been hard at work. Fashion week for 2021 revealed some startling concepts that are sure to become trends this spring. You’ll want to go shopping and get some of these looks yourself.

Headscarves Bloom

With a nod at the 50s and 60s, headscarves have come back into fashion with all the floral beauty and gorgeous patterning that nostalgia has to offer. But make no mistake, these lovely head coverings are nothing if not products of modern design. Scarves are smart, as those leading ladies of the screen knew. They protect your hair when you’re out on a jaunt in the car. Even if that jaunt turns into a car chase, you can be sure your hair will still be in place when it comes time for your closeup.

Scarves are also infinitely patterned. They make a great, inexpensive way to change up your outfit. Choose a cunning, modern line pattern one day. Next, go with a rococo design of flowers and birds. The same types of outfit can look quite different when paired with these accessories. Once you’re done with it, let it continue to accessorize by knotting it loosely around your neck or tucking it with artless grace in your handbag.

Slinky Tops and Dresses

2020 saw us ready to batten down the hatches and stay inside. Fashion, normally so visible, became a secondary consideration. But that time has ended. The world of designers has declared that all bodies are worth celebrating and they intend to clothe them in stretchy fabric that moves with the body wherever it goes. Whether it’s an austere and plain gown that shines with its simplicity or vibrantly patterned top, these designers—from Versace to Thornton Bregazzi—have gone all out to showcase movement and joie de vivre.

Comfort is Key

When it comes to fashion, it seems the runway is a far away fantasy realm in which real people with real bodies don’t have much place. But that has definitely not been the case here. While designers are artists who follow where their inspiration leads, they also seem to have taken on the zoom call and quarantine nature of the spring in their designs. Since they set the trends for the coming season, this will have interesting impacts on what’s hot and what’s not in the months to follow.

Fun prints, stretchy and easy-to-wear clothing, and designs that many or all can wear irrespective of body type have dominated the runways for women’s apparel, which is a wonderful trend. Yes, there are a fair number of whimsical party dresses and ball gowns, but there are also clothes for everyday wear, like flowing, wide-leg pants, fun and forgiving tops, and a wonderful array of colors for every skin type. It is a season for the everyday woman who works, cares for family and friends, and has a full agenda.

Shoulder Pads are Back

While the shoulder pads of the 80s were intended to help professional women bear up under the strains of sexism and inequality, these are a bit tongue and cheek. Oversized to make a statement, they stand out in the Boyfriend Jacket, which every lady can wear, irrespective of their relationship style. Cast a long line and a unique silhouette in a blazer or jacket that’s really made for you.

Local Craft Patterns Galore

Designers have made a clear case for locally produced crafts and patterns in their designs, seeking inspiration close at hand. This has produced some of the most whimsical pieces to have graced the runway in some time, as well as offered a resurgence of interest in local production. Whether it’s a tie dyed maxi dress, a puff-sleeved party dress that brings to mind tropical, sun-streaked days, or a fabulous double-printed twill coat, these designs are sure to echo down through the tiers of fashion in the seasons to come.


In the coming months, you’ll see lots of bright colors as well as the full complement of patterns and styles that were on display on the runway. Spring is about new growth, which designers have taken very much to heart in their offerings, imbuing them with energy, vitality, and an outward-facing spirit. It is all about reaching out, making contact, and finding inspiration in everyday situations.

By Darbaar

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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