8 Types of Women’s Down Coats Jackets that you should have in your Wardrobe

womens down coats

Are you looking for a quirky piece to layer your outfit? Then wearing women’s down coats and jackets is a great way to add a fashion statement to your outfit. As the climate gets cooler, it can be tempting to wear the stylish and warmest coat in your wardrobe. The one coat that is comfortable and warm but leaves you looking sloppy and an unfashionable marshmallow. Well, it’s time to let that coat collect some dust as you explore that fashion that styles and functions together. We have found the ideal outerwear pieces to update your winter wardrobe, from the humble trench coat to the womens down coats and even the trend-worthy cocoon coat. Whether you choose to spend in just one or purchase the whole lot, these coats are compelled to turn this cold season into your fashionable season.

  1. Trench Coat:- A trench coat is a wardrobe staple that every woman needs. Trench coats originated as the raincoat for the British army, but this style has become a feminine classic for all women globally. If you don’t have any trench coats, then it is the perfect time to get one. It is a lightweight and weather-proof style option. It is an excellent choice for transitioning in and out of winter and can be styled with anything. Club it with jeans and sneakers for the day or up with a dress and heels for the night.
  1. Wrap Coat:- If you want to wear your dressing gown out of the house, then a wrap coat is a perfect choice for you. Wrap coats have additional material at the front that enables the end to overlap for extra warmth. A dense fabric belt is then attached at the waist to emphasize that part. It keeps the looks feminine and polished. Wrap coats are completely warm and comfortable; anyone can wear this robe-like style; however, consider wearing heels if you are short in height.
  1. Raincoat:- Raincoats are not what they used to be. They are much better now. Gone are the days of wearing a shapeless, oversized, and sloppy raincoat. Think about colors, cute patterns, and stylish shapes. No matter if you are carrying heels or gumboots, there is always a raincoat to suit your style. Pick a longer, more fitted style for the event that calls for a prim look. Layer your knitwear under to keep it guarded against the wet and cold weather.
  1. Parka Coats:- Parka coats tend to finish at thighs and give you a loose-fit. They also come with a feature called a drawstring waist. It is made from thick and waterproof material. Both styles feature hoods and zips. This comfortable style is traditionally seen in khaki and army green tones, combining a slightly masculine feel. The style is ideal for casual, urban looks and goes great with black, skinny jeans, and boots. Pick this style for warmer days and a parka with added down or shearling for colder weather.
  1. Pea Coat:- A pea coat is a classic outerwear style that you must have in your wardrobe. It is a traditional woolen coat that is well-designed to keep you warm and totally gives you an elegant look. Featuring a double-breasted front and normally finishing just below the hip, pea coats make an elegant addition to any outfit. Carry this style with pants to balance its short length, and add a contrasting sweater below to give your style some depth.
  1. Chesterfield Coat:- If you seek a long and slimming coat that will still fit all your layers underneath, a Chesterfield coat is a perfect style for you. It keeps you warm all winter long; this coat breathes warmth and oozes relaxed elegance. Carry this style at night or day but ensure to leave the front open, offering the world a glimpse at your fabulous outfit underneath.
  1. Military Coat:- Military coats are the stylish interpretation of the traditional men’s coat. They feature a fitted bust, waist, a double-breasted closure, and metal buttons. This style is feminine, elegant, and strong all in one. Far from looking sloppy, this coat will have you looking gorgeous. The military coat’s structured, hourglass silhouette makes it one of the most favorable styles, while its heavy fabric ensures that it’s still one of the warmest. Just pick a color and length to suit you, and you will be wearing this classic coat year after year.
  1. Cocoon Coat:- While perfect coat styles make sound purchase items that you will keep in your wardrobe for years, there is something to be said for a new style that stands out from the crowd. Cocoon coat is a trend-worthy style that you need in your wardrobe right now because some days, a black pea coat just isn’t going to cut it. So, when fashion calls, pick a cocoon coat that highlights dropped shoulders and a ballooned waist. It may not be the normal style you will go for, but it will look super gorgeous.

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