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 In summers, everyone is fond of looking cool and fashionable at the same time. Summer looks are a bit different from any other season. In summers look people prefer lightweight, breathable, easy to wear and light-colored dresses. In some parts of the world shorts, singlet’s, tank tops, boyfriend jeans, and t-shirts are used while in some countries’ lawn suits, Kurtis, pajamas, and skirts are used. Similarly, footwear and makeup look are also different in different countries. However, all fashionistas aim to look charming and summer look beautiful.

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 Here are some tips for fashion-loving women’s as to how they can complete their vivacious summer look:

 White dresses:

 White is a color of grace. It is a naturally positive color. It stands for cleanliness, perfection, purity, and illumination. Women must have white color in their closets. In summers, t-shirts of white color can be used or a white skirt with any colored shirt. Also, a white off-the-shoulder shirt would be graceful. There is also a big scientific reason behind the benefits of white color i.e. A white object reflects all wavelengths of light, so the light is not converted into heat and the temperature of the object does not increase noticeably. So, it is proved that white color is the best color for summers. Women will feel light and cool after wearing white clothes.


 In summers, women should not be shy of wearing flip-flops in their daily routine, because they give a feeling of satisfaction. While in different family functions sandals, high heels, or duck heels should be preferred. In outgoing with friends and family, lightweight and simple boots should be used. Now a question arises here: Is it good to wear socks in summers? The answer is YES. Socks are as essential in summers look as they are in winters or any other season because socks protect our feet from sun tanning and lock moisture in our feet which keeps our feet safe. Cotton-made socks are best because they are somehow breathable and can be used in summers. 

Makeup summer looks:

 In summers, women should use weatherproof products. In summer skin sweats so by using weatherproof products we can get rid of this problem. In summers usually, light makeup is used. However, a no-makeup look is the best. For doing summer makeup skin should be properly cleaned and moisturized, then makeup products should be applied. No makeup look is encouraged because it balances the hot weather, loud makeup is discouraged. While talking about summer makeup there is a burning question of using “liquid foundation” or “powder foundation”? The answer is the use of powder foundation. Powder foundations are your best friends in the summers. Powder foundations stay on your skin for a longer period as compared to liquid ones which may melt in summers. Hence, powder foundations are more reliable and long-lasting. DON’T miss using “HIGHLIGHTER” on your skin while doing a summer makeover; a highlighter adds a perfect glow and freshness to your skin. It adds to the beauty of women. If you are applying nothing but a highlighter and lipstick you are done with your look.  


 How can we neglect the use of goggles in summer times? Sunglasses are a sort of fun accessory. They make us look cool and fashionable. You should use goggles according to your face shape. In summers, you may use Stylish color-tinted sunglasses or Cool flat top sunglasses, or Big Cat-Eye sunglasses. Goggles are widely used throughout the world for fashion purposes as well as to protect eyes from the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun so that our eyes may not squint in the bright sunshine. One must use sunglasses whether it is cloudy outside because UV rays have the ability to penetrate from clouds. Besides being a fashion source, sunglasses add to the safety of eyes as well, so they should not be neglected at any cost.


 Hairstyles contribute a lot to the final look of a woman. A bad hair day is heartbreaking. In summers, backcombing is highly encouraged. You should do a sleek hair combing and make a ponytail, spray your hairs so that they look shiny and healthy. Different ponytails are in fashion nowadays i.e., Sleek high ponytail, Rope braid ponytail, perfect ponytail. Also, different types of buns are in fashion like Top knot bun and messy bun. 

These hairstyles can give you a perfect summer look.

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