Why It’s Time For Women To Build Banarasi Saree Collections


There’s not a better couple in the world than sarees and Indian women. Sarees are the most important pieces of clothing in every Indian woman’s life. But, did you know that sarees are not just items you wear at weddings or functions? Many savvy Indian women have started building their own saree collections. These saree collections go on to increase in value. High-quality sarees like the Banarasi saree, in particular, are considered to be amazing collectors’ items.

Indian women of all ages, religions, cultures and social statuses will always have a love for Banarasi sarees. Why not alter your shopping habits this year to slowly build a wedding saree collection? Here’s how creating a collection of Banarasi sarees can help you in the long run.

Ethnic Wear that Can’t Be Found Anywhere Else in the World

Do you know what most western pieces of clothing have in common? They’re universal. You can find Italian jackets in any North American country. You can also find American jeans in most Asian countries. But, Banarasi sarees are very hard to find outside of India. Even if you find a Banarasi saree shop in a foreign country – verifying the quality of the sarees is difficult. That’s because this ethnic piece of clothing has many intricate designs.

  • The complex designs are carefully woven into the six yards. These subtle details make authentic Banarasi sarees stunning.
  • The best sellers of wedding sarees don’t use modern-day technology to manufacture these items. Instead, they use hand-weaving techniques to interlace intricate designs into these sarees.
  • Indian shoppers can get Banarasi sarees with gold threads, silver threads, motifs, and emeralds.

Historic Clothing Item with Potentially Increasing Value

Owning an extensive collection of unique Banarasi sarees is financially beneficial. Although Banarasi sarees are extremely popular, the local artists and handweavers who make these sarees are slowly going obsolete. Will we be able to buy Banarasi sarees in 2050 or 2070? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe the art of manufacturing authentic Banarasi sarees with manual labour will be replaced with machine-based manufacturing techniques.

Thankfully, this dark era is still far away from this current generation. This generation of Indian women has the perfect chance to create their own Banarasi wedding saree collection. These sarees are still available for cheap, and bulk buyers get major discounts. Once Banarasi sarees become rarer, their value will automatically increase. You may even get asked by local boutiques to display your collection at art exhibits, tradeshows, etc.!

The Most Comfortable Sarees

Buying Banarasi sarees means buying clothing items that you can wear anywhere, anytime. The silk used to make Banarasi sarees is lighter and more comfortable than pure silk. The light and comfy nature of these sarees make them ideal pieces of clothing for the hot summer months. Buyers essentially get the feel of authentic silk at the price of cotton sarees when they buy Banarasi sarees. Banarasi sarees are also as breathable as wool shawls. The fabrics of these sarees are carefully woven to make them as airy as possible.

These are the reasons why Banarasi sarees should be on every woman’s shopping list in 2022!

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