Why should women choose comfortable shoes over high heels?

women comfortable shoes

Unless you belong to the royal family of London and those models advertising a brand, you are less likely to smile throughout the day wearing a high heel! Well, you’ll be surprised to know that recently the sales of high heels decreased considerably. And no, the reasons were not a hike in prices or added taxes! The ladies out there just chose comfortable shoes for women over heels. Scratching your head, are you? Well, the reasons why this decision can be ideal for you as well are listed down below. 

Comfortable feet –

No matter how glittery or voguish your footwear is, they are worn to provide comfort to your feet. (Except  those occasions where you are forced to flaunt the style and overlook the comfort!) And, we all know wearing heels of 5-7 inches makes your ankle twist and your feet stressed. But the shoes on the other hand are flat surfaced and more comfortable. 

women comfortable shoes

The multitasking lifestyle –

Today’s women are unstoppable. She just can’t slide and glide and take minutes to walk around an area. You will find her jumping, rushing, and gushing between crowds, at the stairs, over the mountains, and where not! Its difficult and painful to wear high heels on daily basis. When she has to manage dozens of tasks together, obviously, she will choose the shoes that match her speed rather than halter her steps! 

Smart is the new –

We always heard high heels make you look confident and tall. of course, it is the truth! But at the same time we think that shoes for women aren’t any less either. These can be smart to wear and look extremely cool. If they think it imakes them feel confident and gorgeous, then no one can stop her from wearing them at parties and formal events instead of high heels. 

Can match every occasion –

Shoes are available in various types and styles. So, you are not left with only one option that you have to drag and wear on all occasions. You have shoes in glitter and gold that can go with your party dresses. These are in sneakers that  look fabulous on casuals. And you even have leather shoes in neutral shades that you can wear comfortably over your office wear!  

Made with the most comfortable material –

shoes are mostly made up of breathable and comfortable materials. These are specially made to make your feet comfortable under the closed-toe area .

Well, don’t get us wrong! We don’t mean high heels are anywhere less attractive than shoes, but today’s women are more concentrated on being comfy and sassy than complex and classy.  And, that is why she chooses relaxing footwear for herself rather than facing sprains and pains every now and then! 

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