Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

Woman Fashion Tips

Many times you know something until someone says that to you, you are not able to take the decision.  The same thing happens with fashion.  Many women in the world are familiar with fashion but until they are guided about this, they don’t make a decision.  This is why in this article I am going to guide the fashion tips which every woman should know.

Know your body size

The most important and the first tip for the woman would be that they should know what type of body size they have.  The shape and style of the body will decide what type of fashion clothes you should buy. This is an important and basic tip.

Get the jackets

Jackets made of Denim and Leather should be in your closet every time, because these are timeless.  You can wear them anytime you want and also according to the occasion.


The Scarves are one of the best Accessories you can have in your closet which goes a long way. Woolen, silk, Blanket, etc. You can get all of them and you can wear them according to the occasion and season.

Colors are important

When you have the fashion drill in your house then you should not have more than three colors in your closet otherwise it will make you confused.

When having the doubt then layer

When there are clothes in your closet which you are confused about and also according to the occasion you are not feeling that your clothes are good then you can layer them with the Camouflage.  A layer can cover the outfit which you don’t find good.

Play with the prints and patterns

When you are getting the outfit for yourself then you should get multiple prints and patterns by which you can play around.  Different occasions need different types of designs and colors and by getting them in the bulk quantity you can play with them. Some people are natural in choosing the patterns and prints and maybe you are also.

Don’t mix too much

If you want to look good in fashion then one of the major fashion tips I want to convey to you is that you should not mix many of the colors. Simple colors or Printed patterns with plain pants can work out also. By mixing up the colors you will have trouble and will lose fashion.  You need to be creative but don’t mix too much.

Wear bright colors and pop it up

One of your clothes should be bright enough to attract people.  If you want to become the fashion icon then wearing the bright colors will make others look at you.  Only one of the clothes should be having a bright color like the red color of the shirt. Famous Brand Sapphire is good in creating bright Colors dresses.

Combat shoes are good

Combat shoes are not limited to any specific reason or culture. They always work and they can work for you also.

Keep one loose keep one tight

One of your clothes should be loosened up and one of your clothes should be tight to make you look good.  This is a fashion tip which is not followed by many so you should do it as soon as possible.

Jeans as always

Different designs and colors of the jeans can be bought.  They go a long way and you can wear them in every season.  Different patterns are also available on the jeans which can make you wear them on special occasions.

Don’t wash multiple Times

When you are washing the clothes especially the jeans then you should not wash them on an occasional basis.  They can wear out and will shrink because of the extreme cleaning.  You should wash them but instead of washing them every time you should wash them after a week or so when you have worn them multiple times.

Keep the slim and big belts

Belts are helpful many times.  Should not stick to one style of the belt but sometimes funky belts are also helpful. Keep them Handy and In the Closet. So you should have the options which you can choose whenever you want.

Don’t buy because it is cheap but you need it

When you are wearing clothes you should not go for every clothes you think is cheap for your pocket.  We are guilty of this thing.  But, in my opinion, you should not feel ashamed but try to rectify this problem.  Analyze your needs and then bring the money out of your pocket.

Choose the innerwear according to the white dress

If you are wearing a white dress then your innerwear should be according to that.  You should not wear bright bras when you are wearing the white otherwise it will be apparent outside. Don’t want to be embarrassed? Then think proactively.

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