App Review For Wish.Com

For good reasons or bad, has gained quite a bit of popularity in the recent past. Well, you know what they say about publicity being publicity whether it is good or bad. This is why it is absolutely evident that just about everyone seems to be talking review about the Wish shopping app.

So what is this wish shopping app really all about?, as the name suggests, is a shopping app. Many people have compared it to Club Factory which is another shopping app that brings stuff for people from anywhere all over the world. The app basically claims to make shopping an extremely fun experience for the people.

It is supposed to  help the customers be able to find any kind of unique item that is available with any retailer anywhere in the world. The prices seem crazy cheap and the discounts unbelievable. This is the biggest reason why it became so popular so soon.

wish shopping app

Who started it?

So, engineers at Google and Yahoo thought it would be fun to bring some unique (cough) shopping app for the world and they got working on it. is their brain child. Their claim is that as compared to other shopping sites, this app essentially allows you to tailor your shopping experience based on our “surfing behavior”.

So, basically what they are trying to say is that they have an algorithm that sort of monitors the things that you are buying or looking at on their app and they will give you suggestions of other similar things. Meaning, if I am a teenage girl looking at prom dresses then I will get suggestions of other fashionable dresses and tops, while if you are a guy looking at sports equipments, you‘ll be suggested only that and not the other way around.

Do people like it?

Most people are weary of this app. We don’t want to call the people skeptical because humans are naïve enough to believe anything. But, well, so people aren’t too sure if the prices and offers are too good to be true, but at the same time, they are comforted by the fact that it’s really not a lot of money even if they lose it.

That probably makes no sense at all, but here’s a thing. People would still surf the application even if they are unsure of it is legit or a scam, because they see some really unique catalogue of items at really good prices.

The dark side

So, let’s burst that bubble already. isn’t all that wishful thinking tuned true. Some people have had terrible experiences in using this app for the 3 following reasons:

  • Cheap: the price of the products might be cheap, but so is the quality.
  • Delivery: It literally takes forever to see your items (they really make you WISH for it by praying hard)
  • Returns: Return policies are terrible. You don’t like the product, or it’s a wrong size, you have to ship it back to them at your own expense.

On the whole, we are Wishing, had more of a reality element to it than simple wishes.

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