5 Winter Outfits Inspired From Gaming Characters!

Gaming Character Outfits


Long gone are days when gamers were supposed to be introverted nerds staying in their basements all the time. Nowadays, gaming culture has spread among everyone, and people are including games in their daily lives. From opting for Leon Kennedy Jacket to wearing Player Unknown Battlegrounds trench coat, gamers have turned games into their lifestyle. With the innovations and developments, games are worthy of including in every aspect of life. The best thing about gaming costumes is that they are not only for cosplays and theme parties; they can be donned as casual outfits. So here are our top picks for jackets from games that you can involve in your daily life.


Any fully-equipped wardrobe is incomplete without a trench coat, and how is it if you get that coat from your favorite game? Amazing right! Well, then upgrade your closet with the leather trench coat from Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Pubg is the game that is going to give you a little different experience as a shooting game. Unlike every other game, you are not destined to make so many kills in this game. You can even survive with only one kill or without any kill, and great, isn’t it? 

Not only Player Unknown Battlegrounds give you the best gameplay experience, but it also provides you the best outfits, which you can access through its crates. The most difficult to get outfit is the leather trench coat that is almost impossible to get in the game, though you can have it in your real life to add badass class to your outfits. This leather trench coat is different from typical trench coats as it has the hottest style with magnificent color. The belts, paddings, studs, and spikes are all the chunks that make this coat more desirable and badassery. Get yourself in the most charismatic look with this coat. 


Do you want a stand-alone item to make your closet rock without any other accessories added to it? Well, Fallout 76 has the best option for you. Fallout 76 has launched its full version, and this time Bethesda studios have overdone themselves. With so many new updates, this game is now bug-free and the best game to play. With all the dangerous creatures in the post-nuclear war world and other players, you will be addicted to this game. 

With all these updates, another thing that captivated our attention is Elder Maxson’s coat. This coat will lit up your whole look with its unique style. This coat is made up of leather with shearling details, as you may have noticed in the game. If you live in the coldest place on the earth while being a potential gamer, you won’t have any other option greater than this coat. Belts, studs, shearling lining, and tinted color combine to make this coat a fashionable chunk. To elevate your winter style, consider going with this coat!


Have the cockiest appearance with the Rafael Quilted Leather Coat from the Free Fire. Free Fire is the most underrated shooting game, and you won’t realize how interesting this game is until you start playing it yourself. This game is kinda similar to Player Unknown Battlegrounds — surviving is the main purpose of this game. Though this game has many differences from Pubg, you have to follow discerning tactics, and the shooting ranges are also different. 

With other best things about this game, Rafael Quilted Leather Coat is one of the best things. You’ll find so many mesmerizing coats and jackets in this game, but this coat stands tall among all of them. You can add a bossy vibe to your outfits in winter by finishing your look with this coat. This coat is made up of leather that ensures you the ultimate warmth. So channel your inner gamer by wearing this coat daily.


Have you ever seen a game that created so much hype before even getting released? Cyberpunk 2077 is such a game that made everyone mad with its highly captivating story and Cyberpunk 2077 samurai jacket. This game welcomes you to Night City, a city filled with so many adventures for you. You get yourself punked when you start playing this game, and with Keanu Reeve’s appearance in this, this game has turned into a more addictive one. It won’t be wrong to say that this game is worth the hype. 

Other than the glimpse of Keanu Reeves in the trailer, another thing that grabbed everyone’s attention is the Samurai Jacket. This jacket is one of the best things about this game, and you can bring the vibe of Night City to your closet easily by donning this hottest piece. The 3D features in this jacket — 3D collar, LED lights, and a 3D printed logo on the back — make it more alluring for everyone. So give your wardrobe a touch of the boxy and kickass layer with this jacket.


Zombies, guns, and handsome characters — what else do you need from a shooting game? Resident Evil 6 is a game in the series of Resident Evil, a shooting game. This game became the most difficult one with the highest range of shooting and powerful zombies. Unlike many other games, this game comes up with a background story that makes it more interesting to play. Leon Kennedy is the protagonist in this game, who has to pull down every zombie from the game.

What made Leon Kennedy more handsome is his gaming jacket, and being a crazy gamer, you might also want this jacket into your closets. Well, this jacket might belong to a game, but it has a very subtle style that will be perfect for your winter outerwear. This jacket has the most badass vibe with a simple style; it’ll be your perfect partner for daily wear. So, escalate your style quickly with Leon Kennedy Jacket and spend warm and toasty winters. 

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