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When you think or revaluating your online marketing techniques, you need to consider the Wikipedia mix. You might have thought about it once however with several lists of guidelines and differences in writing style, you gave up

So it’s a high time to take a look for a few reasons, why you need to consider, including it in your marketing strategy. Wikipedia is little bit different and it doesn’t fall into the three categories of owned, paid and earned media. It might fall into all three sometimes or not in any in other cases 

How the Wikipedia falls into all of these three categories? 

It’s true that you can earn a spot in the Wikipedia page should be decided to right about you. or you can have Wikipedia Page Writing Services to create our pages so you won’t be doing all by yourself, while that can be considered owned since anyone inclusive of your self can edit Wikipedia

“The top ranking of Wikipedia is truly the major reason why enterprises have initiated working with the platform to market their brand”.  Well this interprets that there are some potentials for getting involved with the Wikipedia page creation 

The wonderful benefits of Wikipedia presence 

Don’t worry about that for now. Let’s look at the benefits so you can decide if it is something you really want to get involved with some of them include; 

  • Wikipedia for search engine optimization 
  • Top searches through google
  • Competence comparison 

How Wikipedia fits into your search engine optimization plan 

For digital marketing SEO is one of the most crucial and considered as the backbone of your website and one of the tested method to draw traffic and potential target markets. Wikipedia is not a direct marketing tool however, having a Wikipedia page can be of great help in all the SEO strategies but how; 

Backlinks has a great importance in SEO and a backlink of Wikipedia is the one is most reliable, Wikipedia is known as the great backlink source great backlink based on the quality and appropriateness of the website 

Well you need to make sure not to randomly place a backlink on your website in any page. Making through it will get your website blocked and you banned. Only contribute the links that are branded and contain an official website link to your company’s official page since the official page of your topic might be acceptable and even appreciated on Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia backlinks are completely no follow but no need to get discouraged. As per google you are allowed to no follow feature, however, it never said that they will on their own discount you for the purpose of search results. Since many marketing experts believe that these links have authority when it’s about SEO 

Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow but do not let that discourage you. Google says that you are allowed to add a no-follow attribute to links, but they never said that they will automatically discount them for the purpose of search results. Many marketers, myself included, believe (and have seen) that no-follow links have authority when it comes to SEO.

If you are still not convinced by the potential of no follow links and then you should consider the link diversity. A link from Wikipedia can assist you in rapidly achieving your goals and generate a sundry link account that is fundamental for top search results 

Wikipedia is a wonderful tool for assisting with the SEO of other article linked to you, however, not only your own website. For Wikipedia accept sources that are reliable and having backlink of these sources have it ranked higher in the search result. Hence positive articles being you as the subject inclusive of the Wikipedia pages will rise in the search results. For the articles are for you and the link you obtain from them is unparalleled. Well on the other hand Wikipedia for managing reputation as it can have a reversed result. Further the link equity you might be getting from Wikipedia, the website is also fundamental for the creation of google knowledge panel. 

A google knowledge panel depicts that wiki page, websites and social media along with other information, it also help in raising the search results.

Searching by brands 

The google searches regarding Wikipedia have transformed a lot from the past many years. Earlier the marketers have cold called the websites so often that the Wikipedia community have taken steps to alter everything on the website to no follow links.

Individuals have also began cold calling the topics related to the sites with their very own website links to make their website rank top in the search result. Things were evaluated by the google and Wikipedia together and spammers are detected and shut out of the whole process 

By Anurag Rathod

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