Why Your Office Headset Should be Cordless

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The majority of organizations have introduced wireless headphones in their work culture. The Bluetooth-enabled devices are more functional and easy to carry, instead of wired headphones have no functionalities. Usually, from all the alternative, cordless office headsets are preferred as it  improve the working style and services.

Besides, there are many advantages of using a cordless headset. The employees are the ones who are getting more benefits while using them. Let’s check the reasons why the office headset should be cordless. 

Advantages of having a cordless office headset

Reduced missed calls

Indeed, one of the best reasons to use cordless headsets is that you will witness fewer missed calls. Usually, headsets with wires are hard to carry along if you are not in your seat. Whereas wireless alternatives are convenient to keep with themselves and can answer the call immediately.  The calls are a way of generating revenue for every telecommunication company. The more number of missed calls results in a loss of revenue as well. So, cordless headsets not only reduce missed calls but also help to avoid any loss in business.

No more chaos of tangled wires

Usually, an employee’s workstation is full of wires such as LAN cables, computer system wires, mouse, and many others. So, the cordless headset is a relief for the employees to avoid more chaos of wires. Moreover, there is a risk of getting stuck in wires. The headphones are one thing that stays in the hands of the staff the whole day. On the other hand, the wires of headphones are sometimes pulled unintentionally and can  do damage to company assets.

Improved health

Definitely, the usage of wireless headphones will benefit the health of the employees as well. Obviously, with a wired headset, the person is unable to move from the seat even when there is no call. Whereas, cordless earphones allow the working executive to move or have a walk nearby while taking a call. Positively, it will improve health which deteriorates with the sitting job. Some of the issues related to health that people complain about are:

  • Neck Pain
  • High-stress level
  • Slower metabolism
  • Spine pain

Cordless headsets are best to cure such health conditions as an individual is not bound to sit for such long hours. Moreover, many people have a misconception that these headsets are designed with the latest technology so they emit high radiation. Surprisingly, it is just a myth. In fact, they are a much safer option. They release no harmful radiation that can affect their health.

Avoid distractions

Moving further, it is evident that in a common workspace there is a lot of noise or disturbance. But, it is equally important to work attentively to answer the customers and give quality services. There are a lot of things going on near an employee, such as other staff members discussing a topic or having a casual conversation. These all noises can distract a person from the call and the concerned person may miss out on any important information from the customer. To avoid distractions while working, the cordless headset is a boon. Noise cancellation technology helps to eliminate outside voices. Wireless headsets are designed in a way that the microphone is near to the user’s mouth for clear communication.

Better quality of sound

The wireless earphones are the latest and updated version designed by experts. They give a better quality of sound to listen to the customer clearly. The working professional will be able to help only if the issue from the customer side is clear. It is not always the problem in listening but can be the issue in the headset as well. So it is good to use a quality cordless headset to get clear sound.

Ease of answering and disconnecting

The Bluetooth-enabled cordless headphones have buttons to answer or disconnect the call. This is a feature that will help to avoid missed calls when you are not around your seat. 

For example: While working sometimes an employee has an emergency personal work to attend to. But if the call rings, then there is a rush to pick up the call. Fortunately, this will happen no more. The cordless headset gives you quick access to answer or disconnect calls. You also get a little time to reach your seat to check details while you are greeting customers.

Enable Multitasking 

Obviously, if the hands are busy setting the wire of headphones then how can other tasks be completed? That is a reason, companies like Jabra headsets have provided cordless headsets to make it easy to do multiple tasks at one time. Positively, when the company staff is on a call with the customers, they can still write down the notes, search for details on the system and do many other such tasks. Professional life is full of workload and stress. So, a wireless headset can contribute a lot to making things easier and balancing various job duties simultaneously.

Enhance productivity

Of course! There will be a definite increase in productivity if the staff does the work efficiently. The cordless headset is just not an asset but will definitely give comfort and ease of working to an executive. Usually, people underestimate or do not realize the issue of wired headphones. In some organizations, people struggle to keep wired headphones organized as they get tangled very quickly. Additionally, there is a risk of wire getting crushed which will result in low-pitched voice inputs. Therefore, companies prefer cordless headsets.


At last, these are the noteworthy advantages of cordless headsets to make them compulsory in offices. When the staff receives proper and good quality assets it encourages them to work efficiently. Usually, before bringing any new device into use people have many misconceptions. But, a cordless headset is 100% safe for health concerns. Instead, it helps to improve the wellness of employees. The wireless earphones are easy to carry along if the executive is not in the seat as well as offer mobility in the office. Hopefully, the article is able to highlight the qualities of cordless headsets.