Why Xing is the best source for generating leads?

Xing Lead Extractor Software

Which scraping tool is best for the Xing site?

Depending on your strategic marketing, sales, and recruiting goals, integrating professional social media into your plans can be an effective strategy. If you’re a US-based business looking to expand overseas, or maybe a French or Indian business that already has a strong LinkedIn presence, there is at least one professional networking site you should consider your services. The site is XING, a Germany-based company founded in 2003 that had over 16 million members worldwide as of April 2019.

Xing is Europe’s most popular social media site and a rich source of business professionals. It is the largest professional career guidance network in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with around 16 million active members.

Europeans widely used Xing to find work and employment. The Xing database is extremely beneficial to entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to expand their horizons.

How to extract and export millions of precise data from Xing to Excel for lead generation?

How to automatically extract large amounts of data from the Xing website? The best option is Xing Lead Extractor Software. Bulk data extraction and processing is a complicated and difficult task. The Data Scraping Tool is essential for extracting and refining precise data in a given format.

To get the job done, the main need is the right database, including contact information for the target domain. Xing Lead Scraper software is the best option which accurately collects all the necessary data and then saves the exported data in many different formats like Excel, CSV, or text files. Data Mining with this tool is definitely helpful in generating leads.

Xing Lead Extractor Software

What is the Xing Lead Scraper?

Xing Lead Scraper is the most powerful and user-friendly data extraction software for obtaining information from the Xing website. The Xing Lead Extractor tool, for example, can help you extract b2b leads data from the Xing website automatically in minutes. It can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Using this software, you can export this data to text, Excel, and CSV formats.

The following data is provided by the Xing Lead Extractor tool:

Xing Lead Scraper is a desktop Tool that allows you to extract contact information from Xing. Automatically extract data available on Xing’s website, such as:

Profile link

First name Last Name

Professional email, private email

Business phone, business mobile, business fax, private phone, private mobile phone, private fax

Functional title




Company Profile, Company Name, Company Size, and Location on Xing Company Email, Phone Number, Fax Number, and Address

Company Profile Manager

Company Profile Manager URL

Postal code


Xing Leads Scraper is also United Lead Scraper project script where you can export your data to .xlsx and .csv files (opens in Excel) .txt Xing Lead Scraper is the perfect tool to get Xing contact details according to your needs. Xing Lead Extractor is the Best Xing Web Scraping Tool in Germany and Europe for obtaining correct and accurate data from the Xing website.

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