Why startups in UAE should invest in Cloud-based ERP systems?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Cloud-based ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planning) are bringing transformative changes in the way businesses are being operated. Now, more than ever, these solutions have become essential for the productivity and growth of any organization, even for the startups as well. The cloud ecosystem is creating immense opportunities for businesses across the globe, particularly in the thriving UAE.

From propelling the economy upwards to creating jobs and accelerating investment in the local market to increasing efficiency, investing in cloud-based ERP systems is an asset for startups in the UAE. Industry leaders in the country are widely embracing cloud-based Dynamics 365 ERP to stimulate competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, unlike other less powerful systems, will grow along with your business.

Below are the reasons why startups should use cloud-based ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manage customers: Dynamics 365 helps startups to manage activities related to prospects and customers. From managing all the data to tracking leads, the ERP offers a complete solution that supports activities across your business including sales, marketing, customer service and more. As the data is stored in a central location, members of the team have immediate visibility into what they require. The system allows you to tap into opportunities, automate routine tasks and get insights into customer behavior. Dynamics 365 ERP has smart tools that help you get connected to prospect customers, and attract them into your business.

Easily track your business records: It may seem that keeping records in Excel spreadsheets and documents is enough in the early stage of startup. As your business develops, you can expect an increase in the growth of data. Managing data in the spreadsheets and document is not sufficient in the long run. Dynamics 365 ERP system offers features and functionalities that allows you to seamlessly keep track of business records.

Increase efficiency: Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures a streamlined management across business processes. It covers all the aspects of your business including your sales, marketing, accounts, supply chain and HR. The system provides a comprehensive view of your business operations, helping you eliminate communication hiccups and make informed decisions that promote growth and efficiency. Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to bring in and integrate business processes faster and connect with customers in real-time.

Manage data easily: Dynamics 365 comes with various tools to help businesses manage data. Through a built-in automated system, the solution allows users to easily generate, acquire, and interpret data. The solution allows you to automate operations, manage customer databases, generate new leads, engage with customers, and resolve customer problems.

Customer Service: The system offers unparalleled customer support anytime, anywhere. The potential to connect with your customers, resolve their issues in quick time make Dynamics 365 an ideal choice for your startup business. It boosts customer satisfaction; from the time you are in touch with them. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a combined view into customer insights and processes, helping you make better decisions on sales and marketing efforts. AI seamlessly connects and enables teams to solve customer problems on their own.

Save time and money: A main advantage with dynamics 365 ERP is that your business can save time and money. Through interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities of Microsoft Power BI, you can create powerful dashboards and reports that drive business results quickly and easily. You can transform your startup into a successful and big business with the help of these tools.

Enterprise mobility: Another benefit of the Dynamics 365 ERP is that users can share and access the data from any part of the world on any device at any time. Your teams can collaborate with each other on their work in real-time and share it to clients across locations. This will help you focus on productive work without affecting the work schedule.

Integration with other apps: Dynamics 365 ERP provides a seamless integration with Microsoft office 365 (now Microsoft 365), Power BI (business intelligence), other Microsoft applications and third-party data sources. The integration helps your business to extend functionality. Integration drives operational efficiency, helps departments to better interact and communicate through SharePoint, Excel, Outlook, and Word, Teams etc. from anywhere, anytime. As Dynamics 365 Business Central brings all the processes under one platform it becomes a preferred ERP system for the startups in the UAE.

Most of the leading businesses in UAE are using Dynamics 365 ERP to adapt to the changing market conditions and to drive efficiency and growth. If you want to take advantage of next generation technologies to help your startup flourish in UAE, you can partner with the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners UAE such as LITS SERVICES or IAX DYNAMICS.

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