Why Is My PUR Faucet Filter Still Blinking Red?

pur faucet filter

Despite changing the filter, your PUR water filter still blinks red because dirt particles remain on the filter. PUR water filters blink red after filtering 100 gallons of water.

When replacing the system’s filter unit, the system will blink falsely. What should you do about this? Nothing! The filter just got replaced, so it shouldn’t be blinking. A few maneuvers will enable you to resolve the issue.

You need to read on because we will explain why the problem occurs and how to fix it. By reading this article, you’ll learn how your PUR filter works and receive answers to some questions you may have about the PUR water filter.

We must first explain how the PUR water filter works and why it flashes red after changing filters.

How Does The PUR Water Filter Light Work?

As mentioned earlier, PUR water filters are supposed to make your drinking water safe by removing harmful substances. Lead, chlorides, mercury, iron, pesticides, iron, arsenic, and even odors are examples of these chemicals.

When your PUR water filter is working properly, you will see a light indicator. When it is unable to extract substances from the water, the filter will alert you. I have another question. How do PUR water filter lights differ from one another?

There are three colors on a PUR water filter that are likely to blink: green, yellow, and red. Let’s look at them individually.


This indicator tells you that your filter is functioning correctly.


This color serves as a warning light to let you know when you need to change the PUR water filter. Once it runs out of filtering power, you will need to replace it. Only a few gallons will work before the system blinks red.


Hazard or malfunction are symbolized by the color red. This is what the article aims to teach us. Learn why your PUR water filters blink red after they are changed in this article.

Why Is My PUR Faucet Filter Still Blinking Red?

Your PUR faucet filter now understands the different colors. We will focus on the red indicator from now on. When appliances or machinery indicate red, that’s a warning sign.

It’s what your PUR faucet filter red blinks are telling you. A failed water filter means that harmful substances are not being sucked in. A filter should last for 100 gallons before it wears out.

Yet you just replaced the filter and expect it to show a green color. It hasn’t even worked on a single gallon, and it’s blinking red. Why is that?

  • The particles that are trapped on your filter are causing it to give a false alarm. Simply remove the particles from the filter, clean it with your hands, and rinse it thoroughly, and you’re done! Maintain sanitary conditions by regularly using a sponge and mild dishwashing detergent to clean the exterior of the unit
  • A damaged electric circuit requires a replacement. To fix the problem, get a new one from PUR store outlets near you. This will only cost you some pennies and require a technician.
  • Another reason is that the filter isn’t being reset. There are two types of faucet mounts available; vertical and horizontal.

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