Why Gojek Clone App Is More Demanded Day To Day

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Gojek Clone 2022 is Loaded with Life-Enriching Services. This App is Home to not one, but 82+ On-Demand Services. A Common Man turns to these On-Demand Services Daily, no matter what, especially after the Pandemic taught us to stay a little more Careful! 


  • Mrs. John likes to get her Weekly Groceries including Eggs, slices of Bacon, Vegetables, Yogurt, etc. delivered to her Doorstep. So, she Orders all the Groceries right from the comfort of her Home and pays for them using her Citi Credit Card. 
  • Setiawan is a Student at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His Apartment is near the University. So, rather than taking the Bus, he Books a Moto Ride every day on the KINGX 2022 to commute. 
  • Gojek Clone App has become Ashraf’s Second Favorite thing after his Poodle! He works and lives in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. He loves Seafood but doesn’t know how to cook it. Thus, every week Ashraf orders some Seafood, especially Char Koay Teow from Siam Soad using Instant Food Delivery.
  • Jonathan bought the Automatic Ford Explorer XLT in White Color last year. He loves to keep his new car all shiny! So, he books Detailed External Car Washing Service from the App every other week. Not only does he get amazing Discounts, but also gets his Car Washed from Jared, his Favorite Car Washer in the locality! 
  • Misha lives in a Railroad-Style Apartment in New York. Now that she’s Quarantined and has a lot of time to pursue her hobbies, she decides to start Painting again! As she cannot go out, she Hires a Personal Shopper or Delivery Genie to get her some Canvas, a Paint Brush Set, and some Watercolors from a nearby Art Supply Store. The Genie purchases everything as per Misha’s Instructions and delivers the Goods within 20 minutes! 
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App Users are using these Apps on a Regular or Daily Basis. Implying, they are enjoying the Instant On-Demand Services of this App! 

Looking from an App User’s standpoint, Gojek Clone 2022 is no longer a Luxury but has become a Necessity. This App offers an Extensive Range of Services and Features that make it much more User Intuitive and Interactive! 


  1. Option to Video Call the Service Provider 

Along with Voice Calling and In-App Chat Feature, the App User and the Service Provider can now commute over the In-App Video Call Feature. For example, Misha can Video Call the Delivery Genie who is purchasing the Painting Supplies. She can ask Genie to show her the Watercolor Section of the Store on the Video Call so that she can decide which brand to buy. Through this Feature, Misha can get a much more Personalized Shopping Experience! 

  1. Add Multiple Credit Cards 

App Users these days use Multiple Credit Cards. Which they can add to the App as well. This feature enables App Users like Mrs. John to pay for their Order or Service via different Credit Cards. This feature comes in handy when transactions cannot be done via one of their Cards due to Server Downtime! Therefore, Mrs. John can add another Card to her Payment Option immediately and pay for her Groceries Online! 

  1. Login through Face ID/Fingerprint 

KINGX 2022, the On-Demand Multi-Service App now includes Smart Login Options. Face ID for iPhone App and Fingerprint for Android App. Because of this Feature, daily App Users like Setiawan don’t have to remember their Username or Password to Login into the App every time! Setiawan owns Oppo Reno4 F, an Android App, therefore, he can use the Fingerprint Login Feature by enabling it from the App itself! 


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