Importance of Explainer Videos for Digital Marketing of Your Business

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Do you think your business is not getting the desired visibility and sales from digital platforms? Do you think it has much more to offer than it is currently offering? If this is the case then you might be missing out on an important element. Yes, you heard it right! There is one crucial thing that you might be missing out on which is explainer videos.

So what is an explainer video? Why is it so important and how can it help you scale your business? All of this will be answered right here so don’t forget to read this whole article.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a concise animated video designed to convey complicated or technical concepts in an easily digestible way. It helps businesses deliver their message in an engaging manner that appeals to the audience.

Why are explainer videos important?

Explainer videos are essential as they can help you skyrocket your sales. One such success story is Dropbox. They were able to increase their subscriber base to 100 million users with thehelp of explainer videos.

Let’s discuss some astonishing stats associated with explainer videos to prove the point further.

  • 95% of people havewatched explainer videos to better understand a product/service.
  • 76% of the marketers claimed that explainer videos increased their sales.
  • 80% of the marketers asserted that explainer videos have increased user dwelling time on their site.

So you see how effective are explainer videos? They have completely taken the world by storm. Integrating them in your marketing strategy has become a necessity which will surely offer you plenty of benefits.

Benefits of using explainer videos

1. SEO friendly

Embed the Video explainers and watch your website traffic increase significantly. Google loves when you use multimedia on your webpages and if these images and videos are optimized correctly with relevant tags and keywords, then they will be properly indexed by the search spiders.

Furthermore, videos retain the user for a longer period resulting in lower bounce rates and higher search rankings.

2. Conversion Rate

According to stats, 70% of people do product/service research on google, so if you pitch them well, they’ll buy your product within the next 24 hours. Moreover, having an explainer video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate up to 80%.

This might seem like a piece of cake but if the video isn’t relevant and mediocre, it can backfire as it will not resonate with the audience. Integrate video that is astonishing and accurately serves the purpose and you’re bound to succeed.

3. Promotes better understanding of the Product/Service

Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text which is why companies are now using this medium to convince customers why they should spend their hard-earned money on your products/services.

A survey conducted showed that 98% of the audience who watched an explainer video learned something from it. This is why brands who use explainervideos for product demonstration insert enticing images and visuals to lure the audience resulting in a better understanding of the company’s product or service.

4. The explainer video has the highest ROI

Most of the audience prefers video over text so why not give them what they want and make life easier for both parties. A survey disclosed that an average person watches more than 1.5 hours of video a day.

In addition to that, landing pages that have explainer videos incorporated in them convert 86% better and email that includes a video has 300% better click rates. Video consumption is on a record rise as more than 80% of the content consumed nowadays is in the form of video.

5. Attracts wider audience

Explainer videos are so alluring that they can engage people of all sizes and ages. They appeal to the audience’s emotions by being relevant, entertaining, and problem-solving.

6. Easy to share/ chance of going viral

In explainer videos, you can bring any imaginative character to life and can easily bend the nature rules to your liking. For example, there can be storms, fire, people flying alongside the plane, and dragons roaming around all at the same time.

All of this freedom and immense out of box creative ideas can make such an enticing video that people can’t help but share.

7. Connect and build a relationship with the audience

An explainer video gives you the power to make content that your audience can resonate with through making characters that match the buyer persona of your target group. Your audience imagines themselves in place of that character who is also facing the same problems that they are confronting regularly.

At the end of the video, a solution is proposed through which the pain point disappears. The solution is usually through using that company’s product or services. This way companies connect with their audience by showing they understand your problems and are actively addressing them through their product or service.

Last few thoughts

To ace your company’s digital marketing efforts and get tons of engagement and conversions, you need to incorporate explainer videos in your marketing strategy. You’re losing out on a huge potential if you ignore it and in the future, video marketing and the use of explainer videos will only increase so you better start using it

With that being said, explainer videos are a worthy investment so don’t hesitate to spend extra few bucks to ensure that it serves the intended purpose

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