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Costa Rica is a land of exciting and gorgeous natural landscapes. It’s the natural panoramas and picturesque locales that make it a wonderful country to reside in. This Central American nation is more than just a natural landscape, though. There are plenty of reasons to live in a Costa Rica luxury vacation home, which is the primary reason why foreign nationals are making a beeline to settle in. 

Here a few more compelling reasons to invest in luxury villas in Costa Rica at the beachfront.

The soothing climate

Costa Rica boasts of the best weather, which is better than any other Caribbean country has to offer. It’s positioning near the equator makes the temperature warm all year round. The place has no winter, nor does it has a real summer. The warm weather makes it an ideal travel destination or a place to live in a villa Costa Rica rental all year round. 

Delectable food options

Costa Rica’s food is epitomized by healthy and organic produce grown locally. Fresh fruit, veggies and fish are sold in regional markets and served in restaurants. Costa Rica has no fast-food lifestyle that is widely prevalent in the US, Canada, and other countries where processed food is chosen over fresh fruits and veggies. In addition to the abundance of flavoursome, nutritious food, prices are affordable and far cheaper than in several other parts of the world.

Picturesque landscapes

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with dormant volcanoes, a pristine coastline, rich flora n fauna, and magnanimous mountain ranges dotting the nation all over. It doesn’t take long to get to the hinterlands to explore the wild places of Costa Rica. Whether you’re looking for hiking trails, mountain biking through rainforests or surfing the beautiful Caribbean shorelines, a beachfront villa in Costa Rica is the place to live in and experience the beauty all around.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida is a trademark Costa Rican lifestyle akin to relaxed living. The tempo in the country is predominantly slow, which makes life tension free. Pura Vida is a purely Costa Rican way of life not observed in other Central American countries. This culture is not just relaxed but open and welcoming as well. So, if you want to spend your life in peace, investing in Manuel Antonio luxury rentals is the way to go.


Costa Rica is often commended for its impressive public healthcare system, which all inhabitants are required to join.  The expense of registering is as low as USD 75 per month. Like European countries with socialized healthcare, the charge covers pretty much everything you might require, including doctors’ appointments and prescription meds.

Costa Rica has been branded the USA’s version of Switzerland— thanks to growing multiculturalism, intercontinental restaurants and bars, making it an extraordinary place to invest in Costa Rica luxury vacation home and live here. Diversity implies that there is a growing ex-pat community for foreign citizens to become part of it.

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