Edinburgh is one of the major educational cities in the UK and the world. It has honed this reputation over the past several centuries, with students coming from all parts of the English-speaking world. Today, the city welcomes thousands upon thousands of students from all over the world to its numerous universities and colleges. You will find a considerable number of students in Edinburgh at any given time of the year. Here is a look at all the different reasons that make Edinburgh a student favourite! 

The Universities

Edinburgh is home to six major universities; namely Heriot-Watt University, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, Queen Margaret University, Royal College of Surgeons and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC). Some of these universities date back centuries while others are contemporary places of education. These universities offer a wide range of subjects and majors to choose from, which means that in Edinburgh, students are always able to find people with shared interests. 

The Accommodation

Students make up 12% of the total population of Edinburgh which is a huge number, given that Edinburgh is the national capital. Students have a particular lifestyle and require student accommodation Edinburgh that caters to their needs. As an answer to this demand, Edinburgh has emerged as a major student accommodation centre. You will find student hostels, dorms, studio apartments, homes, flats and student halls Edinburgh, all custom-built to accommodate its huge student population. This, in turn, has made student life much more convenient, inviting even more students to Edinburgh over the years. 

The Culture

Student years are the most memorable time in most people’s lives and the city you choose to stay in plays an important role in how you remember these years. That is why, students are always attracted to larger cities with a vibrant atmosphere; a place where they get the chance to meet new people, form new friendships and learn about different cultures. Edinburgh ticks all these boxes and more! People who have spent their student years in Edinburgh swoon about the time which has become a major reason why every year, even more students choose to make Edinburgh their alma mater.

The Connectivity

Student years for many also mean a time for exploration and no place that makes you feel cut off from the rest of the world can quench the thirst of those who live to travel! Edinburgh acts as an excellent base for people who are bitten by the wanderlust bug. From here, you can get a flight or a train to almost any part of the world. Whether it is visiting the barren highlands of Scotland or catching a train that will take you to the sunny Amalfi Coast of Italy, you can do absolutely anything. The best part is that your student card will help you get amazing travel discounts, making travel even more affordable!

The People

Edinburgh is a melting pot of culture and you will find people of different cultures, ethnicities and races who call it their home. The people of Edinburgh are very welcoming! When here, you will learn to appreciate the very lively, cosmopolitan soul and a very warm, traditional Scottish heart of Edinburgh. We assure you that you will leave the place with lasting memories and friendships!

If you hold an invite from a university in Edinburgh, brace yourself for an experience of a lifetime! We suggest that you do not waste another moment and reach out to us at Best Student Halls. We will be delighted to help you find excellent student accommodation Edinburgh or answer any other questions that you might have! 

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